Suspect Arrested in Shooting Death of 16-Year-Old

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A recent parolee may be responsible for the shooting death of 16-year-old Fred Crouch in Chicago. Police have charged 42-year-old Randall White with the murder, which was captured on tape.

A 42-year-old parolee with a long rap sheet was charged with fatally shooting a 16-year-old boy outside of a Far South Side convenience store last week.

Randall White, of the 11900 block of South Wallace Street was charged Monday night with first-degree murder in the Wednesday slaying of Fred Couch Jr., 16, according to Chicago police. White is expected to appear for a bond hearing Tuesday morning.

Calumet Area detectives working with the area’s gang enforcement unit arrested White Sunday near his West Pullman home after White was positively identified in a photo array. White, who attempted to flee after observing police arrive at his residence, was arrested after a short foot chase, police said.

Police believe White was the gunman captured on a surveillance video fatally shooting the prone Fenger High School sophomore outside of Big Sam’s Mini Mart at 333 W. 119th St.

Police say Couch was in a parking lot when White approached in a dark vehicle. When Couch saw White, the offender exited the vehicle with a handgun and opened fire, fatally striking the teen.

Friends and family described Couch as a friendly, if not trouble-free youth, having numerous run-ins with police. His accused killer — currently out on parole — also has numerous arrests and felony convictions, including a 2007 conviction for weapon possession by a felon.

White served just over two years of a six-year sentence before being released exactly two weeks before Couch’s murder. Police didn’t offer a motive for the slaying.


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  • Ara


  • Shana

    this story makes me want to cry…

  • This Is Why You're Broke!

    And you f-ckin fools are worried about Jay-Z throwin’ up devil signs….

  • Thank God

    Thank God they found the coward…….I only hope it wasn’t a revenge shooting (seeing that police doesn’t want to give a motive)……because if it was a revenge shooting……you live by the gun and you die by the gun…..sad (in a way) but true.

  • ikeepit100!

    Why we run’n around worried about the wrong shyt, this is reality! We are losing!!!

  • ikeepit100!

    Ooops! While.

  • MadeByChevy25

    Wow… may he rest in peace.

  • drenk

    how can you only serve 2 years of a 6 year sentence??


    when will the violence stop?? we are killing ourselves…

  • mzdiva

    love of money makes people do evil things

  • Aunt Viv

    I hope this man fries in hell.

  • Luvin Drizzy Drake


  • wow

    42?? Old butt!

  • BapBarbie

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  • deniro1974

    I am glad they found the man. But it will not bring back the lost of a child. RIP FRED COACH
    to this man: GOD will make you pay

  • deniro1974


  • deniro1974


  • Alrighty Then...

    @Choco- 2 weeks after release?!?!? The kid probably wasn’t 100% innocent, who know, but still… 2 weeks out of the can, you supposed to still be layed up in some coochie, eating good and looking for a damn job! Not possessing (illegal) firearms and commiting murders. His entire release process was a waste of time and money…shoulda just left him there to rot in the first place.

  • :-(

    Im pro-Capitol punishment let him FRY!!!

  • KocaKola

    “And you f-ckin fools are worried about Jay-Z throwin’ up devil signs….”

    No what I see is artists like Jay Z promoting a lifestyle of guns, drugs, sex, and murder that brainwashes our youth and adults to a destructive lifestyle that exaults money over God and these are the consequences. Wake up!these are the last days we are in satan’s world.


    Imformation is missing from this story…..42 yr old drives up and shoots a 16 yr old randomly???? Sounds like a backend deal gone wrong. RIP young brother

  • SweetPea

    @Ya Mamie
    Are you stupid or retarded…maybe a little of both!!! This dude was 42 and regardless of what the beef was, he had no RIGHT to take that young man’s life. I understand the saying you live the sword and die by the sword, but if this ni&&a was serving his entire 6 yr sentence, this boy would still be alive!!! That’s why ppl need to do all the time, not just some!!

  • MRs . Foster

    He was old enough to be that childs father. Instead of killing him, he should have been home taking care of his own family. He needs to be placed under the jail..

  • sometymesithurtsbaby

    That boy did something to someone he loves , I BETCHUUUUUUUUUU

  • memchee

    @age 42, a new lease on freedom, and he shows that he doesn’t have a clue as to the value of life.

    My guess is that he never reflected what he would have done differently at the age of 16 with his own life……

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