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The stars came out in full force to attend Nelson Mandela’s birthday dinner in Hyde Park, London, today. Denzel Washington was joined by Oprah, Will & Jada, and many more to help usher in Mandela’s 90th birthday.

On a sour note, according to the NY Daily News, Naomi Campbell, who has claimed Mandela is her “honanrary grandfather”, won’t be appearing onstage during an AIDS fundraising event that will go down on Friday. Here’s why:

“The concert, to celebrate Mandela’s upcoming 90th birthday, will raise funds for the 46664 AIDS charity organized by the revered figure. The five-digit number was Mandela’s inmate ID during his 27 years in prison under apartheid. Mandela was upset because Campbell was arrested for assaulting two police officers while wearing a baseball cap with the 46664 logo. Mandela felt the arrest was at odds with his charity’s goals,”

SMH. It’s high time that broad got it her shyte in order. Anyhoo – more party arrival pics are just below.

Additional pics are just a click away.

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  • shesofine


  • shesofine

    That Denzel is gorgeous!!! Damn you Pauletta!

  • shesofine

    Leona Lewis is cute but she has a funny looking nose.

  • dqueen

    Long live Queen Oprah!!

    Love Oprah, 4eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aunt Viv

    Wow, Nelson Mandela put Naomi on punishment. I love Jada’s dress.

  • Nurse GiGi

    -Everyone looks fab.

    -I see Robert is starting to be pictured with wifey more often.

    -We love you Mandela


  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Everyone looks gorgeous…

  • dqueen

    the world would be better if Oprah and Denzel would get they babies together. They should just make they own childins.

    Why they never hook up? That would be alright wit me.

  • DEDE

    It’s GRACE Hightower

  • G*

    Naomi Campbell wasn’t allowed to come to the event but Amy ‘Crackpot’ Whinehouse is supposed to be performing…..

  • jai

    Real Star Power. Wish I could be part of a celebration for such a great human being. Happy Birthday Mr. Mandela!!!

  • CJ

    Hay were are all the real actors Pauley Shore, Beyonce, Charlie Murphey come on bring out the A-Listers

  • Hi Hater!

    Now this is where I’d much rather be than some ghetto laced BET Awards!!!

  • Aoki Lee

    Bobby Dinero is so fine, me likes that he likes the black ladies!

  • Hi Hater!

    What was Leona Lewis doing there? She is soooo not cute

  • CJ

    @ Envy Me(Established in 1983)


  • Babegyrl

    Oh yea….

    Happy Birthday Mr. Mandela…. You are the epidamy (sp) of a STRONG Black Man,,,, i bow to you!

  • Sailersun

    As a swirler myself – GLO Bobby D!!

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    @Babe..epidamy = epitome. 🙂

  • I'm Just Me (My Baby Graduated 6/25/08!!!)

    Wonderful! This is absolutely wonderful.

    Naomi is messing up for herself.

  • Urban Hippie

    I just want to know…why does Oprah look like the black Mary Poppins?

    and also, Naomi Campbell is a complete embarrassment. Theres so much good that she could do and all you hear about is her getting into fights and abusing people with her status. Good for Mandela to publicly embarass her!

    Also, her weave is so 1994…I’m over it. We get it already…

  • lolo

    i like oprah,hair curly look,,,,,,,

  • aj

    i read that wino was supposed to sing, i wonder if she made it??

  • CJ

    Forest Whitaker looks like that animal from that movie that sings “I like to move it move it”

  • cantstopwontstop

    I wish I could be there. If I could just had five minutes to snatch that necklace off Jada’s neck, I could have made it their first class and had enough left over to buy a house or two or even a complex in Africa…but I guess that wouldn’t be in line with the spirit of the evening. Happy birthday Nelson Mandela!!!!

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