Whose Kid Just Turned 15???

- By Bossip Staff

This boy pictured above is Jordan, and he just turned 15. His dad was not at the party, but his NFL stepdaddy and reality star mother were.

Pop the top to see to whom this newly turned 15-year-old belongs

It is Jordan Sweat, the son of Lisu Wu Hartwell and Keith Sweat. Jordan celebrated with his brothers Justin and EJ, his bonus dad (former NFl player Ed Hartwell), and mom. Where was Keith?? SMH.

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  • LouLou22

    Don’t know,but they could have done better with that cake! Looks like they got it made at Target.

  • http://www.lusherotic.com lusherotic

    1st…Keith needs to step-up

  • http://www.lusherotic.com lusherotic.com

    BTW the cake looks cheap as hell!

  • Sylmarvelous

    Well, from what I hear, Lisa & Keith Sweat don’t have the best relationship and that’s why Keith has sole custody of the boys. I heard he doesn’t want the kids to be exposed on tv either, so that’s why they are never on RHOA. But who knows? Maybe he’ll throw his own party for his son later…

  • GotYou

    From what I’ve heard Keith seems to be the more fit parent. He doesn’t work during the week so he can be with his kids and take them to school and do their homework with them and he only tours on the weekends when his children don’t have a school even (sports/plays blah blah) so he can be there for them. That’s a celebrity parent right there.

  • l

    my relatives who are divorced do NOT have joint parties with their kids & ex. its not due to beef its just how it is. maybe Keith just threw a separate party

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since: 1983. HAPPY NEW YEAR BOSSIP FOLK. 101 DAYS!!!

    Well Happy Birthday Lil One.


    lmao …come on wit the cake looking cheat…how retarded are ya’ll….lol….smdh

  • Miss All That!!

    Ed is Broke. All that running around in that big as stadium making long paper is gravy up until your knee caps decide to give out on you, and then to the Pork n bean line you go. Good thing Lisa Wutang has her Real Housewives check coming in…

    Khandi looks like a Treasure Troll

    NeNe has Steve Harvey Teeth

    Sherri looks like a man

  • http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/blog/imgpop.php?img=http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/client_images/kanyewest/3164_b0e5bda4c46c8d17b6cf25713d3170ac.jpg Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    It’s cold and so I’m sure Ed made some of that chicken noodle soup of his when they got home…

  • Delight

    oh b.o.o.o.o.o. how do you know that Keith didnt celebrate later that day? Split parents usually do that.

    Lisa had him/celebrated that am and Keith had him/celebrated later that evening.

  • Don't Act like You Have Neva Been Through IT!


  • Jermaine Harding

    @Peaches you need to stop with the lies if he abused Lisa she would have gotten the kids, she was messin with Ed before her and Keith was fully divorced and she also slept with sadly someone from a group I’m a fan of Chauncey Black from Blackstreet. The Blackstreet members shared women and I guess Chauncey thought he could take Keith’s woman too since Keith is close with Teddy and his Guy & Blackstreet crews. Teddy & Chauncey slept with each other’s girls. Teddy also accused members Mark Middleton & Eric Williams of messin with his ex-wife too Know the truth before you say somethin. She also stole stuff fron Keith Sweat in front of her kids. Keith’s daughters didn’t like her as a step-mother because she would tell them she was with Keith to get fame and she couldn’t get it so she blamed him for the divorce which is all a lie.

  • Horse.Head.Nebula

    uh… maybe he had another party… people, please…

  • Sp Easy !!!


  • Mrs. Rance

    I’m guessing I’ve read about Lisa and Keith’s custody issues on this site so why are you acting like you don’t know that they don’t get along and KEITH HAS CUSTODY OF THAT CHILD? Of course he wouldn’t be at a party with Lisa and her current husband.

  • He'll be doing Batman Dance Moves and Begging Women real Soon

    Happy Birthday lil-sweata

  • mzdiva

    i know that’s right

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