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The Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” told us that we should “kick the truth to the young Black youth” which is redundant but meaningful…

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…that is NOT what is happening at an Atlanta-area high school.

There is a viral video circulating around social media of a Pebblebrook High School forensic science teacher named Susan McCoy who attempted to teach her students that Breonna Taylor is responsible for her own death. We would say that we can’t believe it but that would be a lie. We can totally believe it. White people very often find a way to blame us for being violated, abused, mistreated, killed, or otherwise done dirty. It’s a function of the supremacy algorithm.

Take note of the fact that Susan had ZERO idea what the f**k she was talking about and her students had to fact check her bulls#!t in real-time because she was so loud and so wrong about all the details surrounding Breonna’s death. She’s an embarrassment as a teacher of any type but ESPECIALLY as someone who purports themselves as an authority on forensic science. But there’s no such thing as systemic racism, right?

After David Dennis Jr. blew up Susan’s spot, the folks at the Cobb County Schools executive office reached out to him to say that they are looking into the matter.

Subsequently, Susan McCoy manufactured this mealy-mouthed, non-descript, s#!t-eating “apology” that means absolutely nothing to us.

Ma’am…go to hell.



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