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New panty melter alert!

There’s a new teacher bae sizzling skivvies and social media and he’s located in Atlanta, GA. Manny Robinson a.k.a. Mr. Robinson caused some P.E.M.D.A.S pining on Twitter when he posted a clip of himself doing virtual learning with his middle school students.

The 6th-grade math teacher uploaded a video he simply called; P.E.M.D.A.S #blackmaleteachers.”

Teacher Bae Manny Robinson

Source: Manny Robinson / @_MannyMoves

In it, he was talking to his pupils via Zoom and encouraging them even as they made mistakes.

“Everybody say exponent,” said Mr. Robinson. “It’s okay if you don’t know the word bruh, I got you. Oooh y’all so smart!” he added.

After he shared the post, the Internet had an instant reaction; drawls were drenched and unmitigated thirst was afoot from parents and singles begging to be enrolled in Robinson’s class.

Manny whose following hit 43,000 on Instagram after going viral recently appeared on “Right This Minute” and detailed his reaction to the thirst over his tattooed teaching. According to Manny, he actually doesn’t get parents banging on his door demanding a parent-teacher conference…

“Parents don’t really try to hit on me, nobody kind of gives me that kind of praise in person so I never really expected to get it online,” said Manny to RTM.

and he’s focused on enriching the lives of his students many of whom come from families struggling especially amid the pandemic.


Teacher Bae Manny Robinson

Source: Manny Robinson / @_MannyMoves

After noting that his school district gave all the students laptops so they can continue their school work from home, Manny emphasized that he’s happiest when his students put in an effort in class even if they make mistakes.

“Even when it’s wrong, I’m happiest when it’s wrong because it shows that you really are trying and you feel that you are capable,” said Manny. “That’s what it’s really about ingraining that my kids are capable.”

YOU tell us; what do YOU think about the P.E.M.D.A.S. panty melter???


Do YOU need some after-school lessons from Mr. Robinson?

Teacher Bae Manny Robinson

Source: Manny Robinson / @_MannyMoves


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