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Being paid millions to be not-even-mediocre at your existentially important job is peak white privilege.

Key Speakers At The 2019 CERAWeek Conference

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Remember when Texas got hit with a historic snowstorm a couple of weeks ago? The people in Texas do, and so does the board that sits atop the state’s energy company ERCOT. According to Daily Mail, the board forced CEO Bill Magness out of his job with a 60-day notice as a consequence of leaving 4.5 million Texans without power or useable water for at least a day with hundreds of thousands more left stranded for up to a week. Not to mention the people who DIED because of chaos caused by the outage the least of which is the fact that prices skyrocketed 10 times the typical amount.

Yeah, you gotta lose your job for that. Hell, you might f**k around and go to jail for that.

‘ERCOT’s decision to oust CEO Bill Magness signals accountability for the disaster that swept through our state two weeks ago,’ Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement on Twitter.

Sounds good but only time will tell. Folks in Texas are gonna be on your a$$ behind this for a very long time and ERCOT has a whole helluva lot of ‘splaining to do if they want to make this right. People died. Died died. How the hell is one overpaid, mediocre, white man getting fired going to fix that?

According to the article, Representatives from the house sent ERCOT documents following two other once-a-decade winter storms in both 1989 and most recently in 2010, detailing precautionary methods to help prepare for extreme winter weather conditions.

California Democrat Ro Khanna wrote in a statement “that lessons learned from the 1989 winter weather event were either not implemented or not maintained.”


Khanna added that the severe aftermath of the storm caused up to $50 billion worth of damages to property and infrastructure and severely impacted crops and wages.



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