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What is so hard to understand about this?!

Sculpture of Slaves In Chains

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These white public schools’ idea of teaching slavery isn’t, “white people did evil things to Black people” it’s “let’s teach Black children that they are supposed to be slaves”. Every year, particularly around Black History Month, white “educators” put on this same tired-a$$ display of tone-deafness and cruelty at the expense of our children. AND they get paid for it!

According to The Daily Beast, a mayo-based teacher at Purvis Middle School in Purvis, Mississippi thought it appropriate to have the African-American kids in her class do a lil’ slave cosplay in what is described as a humiliating and demoralizing “slave letter writing activity”.

Earlier this week, an assignment asked eighth-graders at Purvis Middle School to “pretend like you are a slave working on a Mississippi plantation” and “write a letter to your family back in Africa… describing your life.”

Bird, we can describe our lives in 2021 as American citizens:
Dear Africa,
These nut-a$$ white folks still think this slavery s#!t is cute and they trying us on the daily! This broad who calls herself my teacher really asked me to pretend to be a slave and write you a letter. Can you believe the unmitigated gall? Of course you can, the white folks over there haven’t treated y’all much better than they treat us here. Anyway, let me let you go. This lady done f***ed around and found out.
Hakuna Matata, your Black relative in Amerikkka
That would have been our letter.
To make matters worse, school Principal Frank Bunnell sent parents a lazy email “apologizing” that such a thing happened on his watch. Then turned right around and said the slave letter slide in the teacher’s presentation was “taken out of context”.

“A person could read just the assignment and draw a very unrealistic view of the true tragedies that occurred. That was not intended,” he wrote. “However, intent does not excuse anything. There is no excuse to downplay a practice that (even after abolished) spurs unjust laws, unfair economic practices, inhumane treatment, and suppression of a people.”

Frank, fall down the stairs. Truly. You and that hack teacher.


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