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If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you twice…

Brave Williams

Source: Samuel Dupervil

Brave Williams is bad. Not “bad” meaning bad but “bad” meaning good. The singer, songwriter, actress has been cranking out jams for a long time now and her newest joint, “Don’t Tell Me No”, is one that you might want to play to get your beloved significant other in the right mood for some grown folks behavior.

“Don’t Tell Me No” is a seductive song that finds Brave employing her velvet vocals to let her lover know that she is offering everything he needs to feel comfortable and confident in her presence. She’s assuring and assured in the same breath. She knows what she wants and she’s not about to play coy about it.

“Based on conversations I’ve had with my sisters and best friends. Men always have this persona that they have to be strong and powerful 365 days a year. Yet, I believe, most men are just as scared as women to fall in love and just as scared to be vulnerable. So to me, it was a declaration to guys, acknowledging that I recognize, you’ve been through some things that have caused your protective wall to go up. I see it. I understand it. But please, don’t let that heartache or disappointment become your permanent identity. You can still be open to fall in love, but fear will always keep that blessing from happening.”

Brave Williams

Source: Paul A Greene

Moreover, Brave is a one-man woman and she’s not about to have you out here making her look crazy. If you commit to her, then everything she has is yours and if you ask us, that seems like a VERY fair deal because…well…she finer than a muthaf***a and any man she decides to give herself to is a lucky one indeed.

In today’s world of Trap & B where a great many singers literally seem trapped by the current sound of rap, Brave keeps it traditional with a real ballad that you can listen to while you press up real close to that special someone whether its forever or for the night.

But enough talking. Press play down bottom and get into Brave’s newest offering.


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