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In case you missed the memo, Alexis Skyy recently revealed the father of her child was not rapper Fetty Wap. After years of speculation over her baby girl Alaiya Grace’s paternity, she’s revealed that there’s a specific reason why she kept her baby’s father’s identity a secret — allegedly he’s embarrassed about their baby girl having special needs.

Yesterday, Alexis put Brandon Medford, a luxury car dealer, on blast on Instagram. The model first called out the business for “fraud” but eventually revealed it was Brandon himself who was being a fraudulent father. In posts shared by ItsOnSite, Alexis sounded off on Brandon:

“Let them know how embarrassed you are of your child because she has special needs.”


If this wasn’t sickening enough, the alleged details of why Brandon has been absent get worse.

In a post made by a friend of Alexis and Fetty Wap’s, a blogger named iKey, the friend alleges that Brandon was an absentee dad due to not wanting to deal with Alaiya’s medical condition and special needs. He also says Alexis had to bribe the business owner by buying a car from his dealership in exchange for him stepping up. Allegedly he isn’t holding up on his end of the deal after Alexis dished out $100K on a car. SMH. Take a look at the shocking post below:

“Celebrity car broker “Brandon Medford” ashamed of Daughter AlaiyaGrace because she’s special needs!!! There’s a lot that’s been going on behind the scenes!! But enough is enough!!! Enough of hiding the truth about Brandon just to spare his image!!! The cold truth is, the reason AlexisSkyy and FettyWap agreed to tell the world that Fetty was Alaiya’s dad is because her real sperm donor BrandonMedford is ashamed to claim her because she’s special needs!!! Since day 1, we’ve all known the truth about Brandon being Lay’s father!!! However he refused to step up, help out, or even claim Alaiya because of her condition!!! He repeatedly told Alexis I’ll never claim her because she’s not regular!! Leaving Alexis in tears on multiple occasions!!!

Thank god Alexis had Fetty and best friend @kingikey in her corner willing to step up and play the fatherly role even tho she isn’t biologically Fetty’s or Ikey’s!!! Til this day, Alexis has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help get the treatment Alaiya needs!! Brandon hasn’t once spent 1 dollar on anything for her!!! Now fast fwd to Jan2021…. Right b4 Alaiya’s birthday… Brandon agreed to finally step up ONLY under 1 condition!!! The deal was, he would step up and be the father to Alaiya ONLY IF Alexis purchased her 2021 Bentley Truck threw him and his business!!!

SMFH! So only after Alexis spent $100,000 on her new truck did Brandon begin to claim Alaiya publicly!!! However still 3 months later he still haven’t seen her more than 10 times!!! Still haven’t spent a nickel on her or treatment!!! He antagonize Alexis often by posting his other daughter & leaving LayLay out!!! I’ve personally told Alexis on many occasions to cut him off completely, but being that she wants LayLay to have a dad in her life… she keeps trying and trying with him!!! And tho me and my old friend (FettyWap) don’t see eye to eye no more, I commend him on being the person he is to LayLay!!! He calls and see her often tho they don’t post about it!!! He supports her financially whenever it’s needed and does everything Brandon doesn’t!!! So unfortunately, this is the sad reality of Alexis, Alaiya & Brandon situation.”


Good for Fetty Wap for stepping up! What are your thoughts on this situation?


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