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Fans of Saweetie and Quavo think the couple has shockingly broken up. Rumors have sparked after fans of Saweetie pointed out she unfollowed her glacier boy on Instagram. The evidence of them unfollowing each other was posted by The Neighborhood Talk. Maybe not all love is lost between the two rappers and they’re just taking a breather on social media?

THIS isn’t the only reason breakup rumors have sparked. Could Saweetie’s ex-bf have something to do with why she unfollowed Quavious? The icy love glacier between Hip Hop’s most adored couple might be on the verge of melting because of a recent interview Saweetie did with social media star Justin La Boy as her ex-bf, Justin Combs was present.

Saweetie and Justin apparently dated in the summer of 2016 as Saweetie was still a student at USC in California.

In a clip from the Respectfully Justin podcast, Saweetie and her ex-flame seem to flirt, just a little bit. Saweetie gloated about being a “faithful” Cancer and Justin agreed that Cancers “know how to treat people.” It was CLEAR they were talking about each other. Saweetie eventually broke the ice, suggesting everyone take a shot of liquor. Whew!

Things started to heat up as the interview continued. At one point the “My Type” singer was asked if she would partake in a threesome with her man if he was doing everything right in the relationship and her response was..shocking, to say the least. Hit play on the clip down below to hear Saweetie’s hot take!


Fans of both Quavo and Saweetie absolutely fell in love with the couple’s seemingly perfect relationship stemming from 2018, when the Migos rapper slid into her DM’s with his infamous “Glacier Boy” message. It was undeniable that the two had chemistry. Back in July, Quavo and Saweetie appeared in GQ where they gushed about their romance together.

“Growing up I struggled with communication, and he has taught me to be a better communicator,” said Saweetie at the time. “I feel like I’m growing and I’m maturing because of him—not the music, not Saweetie, but Diamonté.… I don’t know how I would be as a person if I would have never met him.”

Quavo echoed Saweetie’s loving sentiments.

“When she talk to me and when we started talking to each other, the Saweetie shit go out the window and the Quavo shit go out the window. I give her Quavious. I give her what my mama calls me,” he said. “I don’t let people inside my life, and I let her inside. And she’s helping me grow up. She’s showing me how to love a woman.”

Oh no! Hope these two can work everything out!


Do YOU think this might be the end for Quavo and Saweetie because she had a conversation with her ex?


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