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  • Shellboogie

    I hope she is happy and he treats her like a lady should be treated.

    I wish Rihanna all the best for 2010.

  • tiffany dunn

    she do to much….she needs help….i really liked her at one time but this dark side is not cool…..so not a fan no more….but will pray for her soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just saying

  • miss-fab

    ya… she’s over the top now and way to over styled…she needs to go back to her old and more real self.

  • laffy

    light skinned bredda with tattoes… ok riri ok. lol

  • BLK

    she’s obviously on the rebound and possibly tryna show chris brown she’s over him with the overkill of the p.d.a! i dont blame her! SHOW EM RIHANNA! LOL

  • T

    he reminds me of c brown….she lokes them yellow

  • bossip

    i can swear this dude be having people take those pictures of him an Rihanna!!

  • tris

    what dark side??? tell me where’s ‘the darkness’ in these photos??? jeez.. YOU ppl need help.all i see is a chick enjoying her new man. i see no ‘overstyled’ chick..no ‘dark’ chick. cb fans/bey fan ALWAYS come on a rihanna post to say something negative. give her a break damnit.
    ps. YOU may want her to go back to the stage where she looked liked beyonce but SHE doesnt. this is who she is so get over it.

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