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Friends and family of a woman who was found dead in Miami during spring break are reeling and seeking answers. Christine Englehardt, 24, traveled alone for a vacay and was found dead and semi-nude at the Albion Hotel on South Beach.

Two Greensboro, North Carolina men, Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, were recently arrested for allegedly drugging her, sexually assaulting her, and using her credit cards.

Evoire Collier & Dorian Taylor

Source: Miami Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation / Handout

Christine, a restaurant worker, was reportedly given a “green pill” by the men. Collier told police that he witnessed Taylor give the pill that he believed to be Percocet to Christine before they were seen entering the hotel with the staggering woman around 1 a.m. Thursday.

As previously reported Collier also said “that he went along with [Taylor] as they planned to have sex with the victim,” and they both did, with Taylor allegedly forcing himself on her as she appeared to be unconscious. They then went on a spending spree with her stolen cards before being spotted and arrested. Collier was seen wearing the same pants as spotted in surveillance footage.

“The fact that the victim was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, she could not have consented to sex with the defendants,” states a police report.

The two men are facing charges of burglary with battery, sexual battery, petty theft, and the fraudulent use of a credit card. If the drug they gave her is proven to have played a role in her death, the men could potentially face a manslaughter or murder charge.

They are both being withheld without bond and Christine’s loved ones want to know how people could be so heartless.

“I’m just shocked that the fact that she’s really gone, it’s been really hard,” said Englehardt’s best friend Hailey Davis to WSVN. “She was a good person. She didn’t deserve anything like that to happen to her.”

The New York Post
reports that on Christine’s Facebook page, she previously spotted a suspicious man in Pennsylvania’s Tyler State Park and warned friends to “be alert.”

“Always go with your gut,” she wrote back in 2019 according to The Post. “This is a dangerous world now unfortunately and you never know what anyone’s true intentions are.”

So sad and so, so, scary. Condolences to all of Christine’s family and friends.

If you’re in Miami, continue to be safe. Police are still enforcing an 8 p.m. curfew and reporting sky-high arrests in the area. Between Feb. 3 and March 21, Miami Beach police said they made 1,050 arrests, including nearly 400 for felony crimes, and recovered more than 100 firearms, reports The Washington Post



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