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WTF has gotten into Karen?!

Herbed Mayonnaise

Source: Maren Caruso / Getty

Everybody is losing their cotdamn minds these days! For as much as the die-hard Second Amendment crowd hates “anti-gun” legislation, there are clearly some folks in America who have no business walking around with a firearm. A video that was recently published by TMZ shows a Los Angeles woman loading her revolver and pointing the weapon indiscriminately at passing cars. As she sits inside her luxury BMW and shouts shenanigans at a nearby crowd.

Reports state that she was somehow held up at a stop sign and lost her motherf***in’ mind in the middle of rush hour traffic. On the corner of Fairfax and Olympic, this broad sat loading her gun and mumbling about God-knows-what. After asking, “Anybody wanna die now? Anybody???” the woman opened fire…on her own sunroof! The whole thing was caught on video that you can watch below.

It’s a miracle that she didn’t hit anyone with this dumb s#!t. At some point, local law enforcement was able to catch up with the unnamed suburban terrorist and arrest her for felony negligent discharge of a firearm. They say she fired five shots.

Officials believe that the woman in question was having a mental health episode at the time of the incident. If you listen to the video closely, you’ll hear her cry out “The cow jumped over the moon!” TMZ reported that the woman also claimed that she was Dr. Dre’s daughter, although so far, there has been no connection made between the hip hop mogul and the suspect.

She better not get off with probation. This lady needs to make orange her new black for a LEAST a year. What she did was no joke and it could have ended very, very badly.



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