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Now sis,….what is this????

BBC America's "Luther" Screening

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Fans of a popular BBC show are crying foul after an executive made a remark that’s rubbing them the wrong way. The network’s diversity chief Miranda Wayland is catching heat after claiming that Idris Elba’s TV detective character DCI John Luther isn’t “authentic” because “he doesn’t have any black friends and doesn’t eat any Caribbean food.”

The DailyMail reports that during the MIPTV conference Wayland was speaking on diversity and said that to “achieve true representation” TV chiefs must ensure Black characters are fully formed and “have an environment and culture built around them that is completely reflective of their background.”

With that in mind, she said that Luther’s authenticity was lacking as the corporation seeks “more convincing and rounded portrayals of minority groups.”

“When [Luther] first came out everybody loved the fact that Idris Elba was in there — a really strong, black character lead,” said Wayland. “We all fell in love with him. Who didn’t, right? But after you got into about the second series you got kind of like, OK, he doesn’t have any black friends, he doesn’t eat any Caribbean food, this doesn’t feel authentic.”

Oh????  *stares perplexedly in pepperpot*

Wayland said that BBC which committed to spending £112 million ($154 million) to support diverse productions over three years, is dedicated to making sure the storytelling is truly bona fide and noted that casting more Black directors and having “key characters” was just a start.

“It’s great having those big landmark shows with those key characters, but it’s about making sure everything around them, their environment, their culture, the set is absolutely reflective,” said Wayland. “It will be very much about how can we make sure that this program is authentic in terms of the storytelling.”

It sounds like sis had good intentions (we thiiiiiink?) but the stereotype-y statement has British Twitta calling “bullocks” on her assertion about “non-authentic” non-Caribbean food eating DCI John Luther.


After all the social media chatter a rep for BBC told CNN that the network is “tremendously proud” of the award-winning series, which ran for five seasons from 2010 to 2019. The rep also noted that they remain committed to championing diversity.

“The BBC is committed to its continued investment in diversity and recent BBC One dramas I May Destroy You and Small Axe are testament to that,” the spokesperson said.

In related news Idris recently old The All-New Capital Weekender: that a highly-anticipated Luther movie is finally on the way.

“Apart from making more music, people that love my film and stuff, listen, I’m going to be making Luther: The Movie,” said Idris. “I’m super excited and I hope the fans are sort of excited for that. It’s been a long time coming for a movie, so I’m excited about that.”

Idris has not commented on the BBC exec’s comments.

Despite him not being “authentic”, would YOU watch a Luther film???



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