Snoops Kids Know He Is Trifling – Because He Told Them!!!

- By Bossip Staff

In a recent interview Snoop revealed he hides nothing from his kids. And we mean NOTHING!!! Pop the hood for more:

Forget about the traditional parental role of trying to protect your kids from life’s harsh realities… Snoop would rather foster friendships with his children…

“I have never hidden anything from my kids. I have always been able to express myself to them of who their daddy is so they won’t have to go read a book and find out the truth about who their father was. They know i am ex-banger, drug-dealer, wanna be pimp. They know about how i cheated on their mother and wanted to get a divorce because they heard it from me directly. That’s why me and my relationship with my kids is about us being friends because sometimes a father can scare a kid, but a friend is always going to be there.”

Oh and about that wanna-be pimp business. Snoop says he wasn’t all talk when it came time to put hoes to work:

“Yeah, I’m talking like really going in and getting girls to bring you back money for their services. Whether it was through athletes or entertainers or just rich guys with money who wanted to have a young girl spend an evening with them. And through my connections, I send a girl, get the money. That was my pimpin’. And I was running with real pimps and getting the understanding of pimpin’. Cause I don’t do things for fake, I do it for real.”

Damn Snoop… That’s what’s gangsta?

Click Here To Watch Snoop’s Interview

Tune In To FUSE TV this weekend to watch their full interview with Snoop. Saturday, Jan. 9 at 3:30p/2:30c and Sunday, Jan. 10 at 10p/9c.

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  • LaDiva

    And this makes you proud to have them know how u disrespected their mother…

  • Nique


    Whatever works for them

  • MadeByChevy25

    Only Snoop…. I luv him!!!!

  • Choco

    U stoopid nicca less is more and parents need to be parents that’s whats wrong with the younger generation parents tryn to be cool I can relate on being a friend but I only do that with my kids so they feel comfortable enough telling me anything…LESS IS MORE SNOOP so when your daughter grows up it’s okay for her husband to pimp and cheat with other broads—just cuz your wife self-esteem is in the gutta don’t mean your daughter can’t have higher standards…

  • letsgo.gitit

    This is exactly why the black community is riddled with hiv/aids

  • That's Right

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. He’s got to know that little girl aint his. ‘Boss Lady’ got hers in too

  • Re

    Well, I like him alot…but I’m not a parent so I can only say this:

    That whole “friends” business with children…that can backfire sometimes. You share too much, but there will come a time when you’re trying to put your foot down to discipline your kids and they’ll throw it all back in your face.

    *shurgs* But then again, what do I know? I have no kids. And I damn sure will be keeping thousands of secrets from them for a long time.

  • Mama Mila

    Somebody call Maury for that little girl Choc…… offense…..but for real.

  • Re



    Well I just want lil choc to know that you dont have to stay with a man beacuse you have been with him forever. If he disrespects you its ok to LEAVE!

  • Holla

    Snoop…SMH…get it together. That shyt is wrong on so many levels. How could his wife allow this?

  • Glok...!


  • Souljagir

    Wow, Snoop kept it all the way hood. His wife probably had her best interest by staying with him. I mean he’s not right in what he does by my moral standards but im sure he’s a hell of a dude. his children can’t be his friend but ever heard of the saying “don’t do as I do, do as I say do!”

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    Hey Glok, whats up there my guy? i am just fine and i dont want to get together with no female as a friend.. thanks but no thanks.. i only deal with males.. luv u though!!

  • FiveStarish

    He obviously wasn’t raised by his father. That’s why he would think it’s cute to be your kids’ friends. Wait til Lil’ Choc is 16, I bet he wanna play Daddy then. STFU

  • FiveStarish

    Mother of two right here and I’m terrified to think that one day I’ll have to tell my daughter I was sneakin in boys windows.


    Do you Snoop nobody is perfect and just remember the only woman who will ever love you right or wrong is your MAMA!

  • Choco

    Why would you tell her that you snuck boyz in the room?

  • Sylmarvelous

    I can only imagine what his kids thought about the whole cheating thing cause when my father told me he may have kids in Germany(he was deployed over there) I was pissed! Like how you gonna tell me some sh*t like that knowing you was married to my mother?!’…And the pimp thing is just stupid! He’s just showing his son’s how to disrespect women, and his daughter how to be stupid and get with the wrong kind of men!…Damn, Shaunte hanging in this long, YOU REALLY ARE STUPID!…I’ll just pray that the kids look at their parents and want more for themselves when they are older…

  • Angels_feet76

    I hear you snoop…but what will you do when your kids wanna be gangsta’s and p.i.m.p’s and run with thugs and h.o.e.s cause Daddy did it too!!! Keep that bail money ready cause them kids gonna be gangsta with it just like you!!!
    M.u.r.d.e.r was the case that they gave me LOL

  • It's me

    Damn Snoop is off the chain

  • LilMissDiva

    I mean tell them how you really feel Choco! L.O.L

  • Choco

    What you doin in here? : )

  • http://comcast g.d.c

    Snoop my dude, but he sounds like an idiot!

  • resurrected

    HE is a thug that never mad the transition, so ok you told your children that you cheated on there mother and that maybe be looked at differently by the boys but what message does that send to your daughter… If you pimp game has more weight then your children and family then you need to leave and never look back… Why does your dysfunctional habit have more clout then the wife and family who has supported you and stood by your side?

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