Out of Pocket: CNN Anchor Calls President Obama a Liar on National TV

- By Bossip Staff

CNN’s Jack Cafferty has some nerve calling President Obama a “LIAR” on national TV. This Re”pube”blican a$$ kisser is just mad because the Re”pube”blicans are on the back burner for once. For years the Democrats have taken nothing but sh*t from the Re”pube”blicans, so now it’s their turn to sit down and listen.

Pop it for this A$$Hole Trying to Call Obama Out

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Jack Cafferty:
How dare they? President Obama, Democratic leaders have decided to bypass a formal House and Senate conference committee in order to reconcile those two health care bills. Instead, White House and Democratic leaders will hold informal — that’s another word for secret — negotiations, meant to shut Republicans and the public out of the process.

What a far cry from the election, when then candidate Obama pledged to — quote — “broadcast health care negotiations on C-SPAN, so that the American people can see what the choices are” — unquote.

President Obama hasn’t even made a token effort to keep his campaign promises of more openness and transparency in government. It was all just another lie that was told in order to get elected. The head of C-SPAN wrote a letter, asked Congress to — quote — “open all the important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings, to electronic media coverage” — unquote. When White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked whether the administration would support televising the negotiations, he refused to answer, instead mumbling something about, well, I haven’t seen the letter.

That wasn’t the question, Mr. Gibbs. You either support openness or you don’t. The Democrats insist this is all on the up-and-up, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying — quote — “There’s never been a more open process for any legislation.” — unquote.

Really? This is the same Nancy Pelosi who you may recall, after becoming speaker in 2006, promised the Democrats would have — quote — “the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history” — unquote.

Here’s hoping the voters remember some of this crap when the midterm elections roll around later this year.

Hey Jack, we just want to know: When Bush was in office, Did you call out his coke snorting, lying, thieving a$$??? PROBABLY NOT… HOE Sit Down and STFU!!!

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  • Tracey

    Why isnt this story filled under HO sit your a s s down?

  • drenk

    YEAH SO WHAT!!! ITS NOT A BIG DEAL, HE HAS THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH TO CALL HIM A LIAR!!! Politicians go back on their word all the time, the president will be criticized, just like bush, clinton, bush, reagan, carter etc etc etc

  • Sole Soul Jah

    Well Republican’s will do what republican’s Do best, and thats never smelling their own shit. Type of People that Stole People and a Country and wanting to remain oblivious to their own Sins. Like Bob Marley Said ,…Time Will Tell…

  • Indigogg

    Obama is a liar…………just another politician.

  • Glok...!


  • Ironhead67

    All Presidents lie. That’s why you, vote for them.

  • frank lucas

    I don’t understand why you think that’s a big deal. Liar IS synonymous with Politician. In the immortal words of Spike Lee, “WAKE UP!”…

  • Gmen

    it’s white sh’t so i dont give f’ck

  • J. Thomas

    I campaigned for Obama since 2007 when he announced that he was running for President. I’ve done everything from cold calling, to knocking on some of the most racist doors here in Texas. I support and am as proud of my Black President just as much as the next n***a but I’m not going to make excuses for him. He did indeed promise to have open negotiations so that all Americans can see and hear how these elected official will determine our lives. In Jack’s defense, during the campaign he has supported and went hard on the GOP in Obama’s defense for all the stupid and racist sh*t they tried to hit him with. Can’t make excuses for our Black Prez. A promise is a promise and frankly the majority of Americans voted for this man because they didn’t want “business as usual” in the White House and in Washington, but how do you back track on your promise for transparency with the most historic decision in recent history?? I still support my Black Prez. tho. Just had to be honest.

  • Da Real

    Um.. Just so you know Cafferty IS NOT a Republican. Of course Barack is a liar. Why wouldn’t he be. He’s lied about ALOT of things. LIBERTARIAN 4 LIFE!!!

  • http://mrsgrapevine.com MrsGrapevine

    Cafferty is a liberal leaning, and has been a big supporter of Obama. He’s not a Republican.

  • Soul Ese

    He did lie about airing health care negotiations on C-SPAN so technically this guy is right.

  • 4REAL

    He IS a LIAR! He promised like 80 times to show it all on CSPAN. Why is a gossip site trying to weigh in on shyt it has no clue about? That’s right it’s okay to LIE right BLACK PEOPLE?? Oh and try not to justify BS with other peoples BS. Bringing up Bush is stale now. I know it’s scary how they turn on each other isn’t it? Demorats will eat their young to get ahead.

  • Dr. Hayden Drake

    I think it should be understood that in America’s Political process….

    Politicians say things that they are not really able to always deliver. I think many have good intentions but in the murky process of government things get twisted, diluted and rearranged in effort to please every one, and that is difficult.

    I believe Obama is a good president, working against a lot of bad agendas and he has to give and take, bend and accept a lot of things that he doesn’t want just to maintain order among people with very different ideas on how the country should be run.

    I don’t think any one else would be doing any better. John McCain would have made some bad choices and would have to give in on some of his wants too.

    People kill me when they talk about him as if he shouldn’t be president. My question is, if not him, then who? Would you rather have John McCain?

    He is doing the best job any one in his position, in our political and economic climate, could do.

  • Denver Chick

    No disrespect but honestly everyone was on President Bush about the war and when Obama goes and does the same thing by sending a bunch of our troops everyone turns their head?? Come on Wrong is Wrong

  • Somali Ninga

    @ drenk
    I hate Stephen Harper too!! Ofcourse he’s part of the Illuminati as well! He was Bush’s prison bit©h! I remember him and Michael Ignatieff were both doing a speech talking about A New World Order!!!! O.o

  • sarah

    Jack Cafferty supported Obama before anybody during the election. He was one of the first and he also defened Obama against several different racist attacks during the campaign. So I think he’s entitled to his opinion.
    President Obama said several times during the campaign the “the negotiations of healthcare reform should be done on C-SPAN”. HE LIED!

    He was supposed to bring CHANGE to Washington, not more the SAME.

    Don’t run for office on a change platform and then get elected and continue the same ol’ bullshat if you don’t want to get called out.

  • hmmmm

    @ Denver Chick

    The reason why people went hard at Bush over the war is because he invaded the wrong country…had Bush just went to AFGH like he was supposed to in the first place a lot of this mess would have never happened. People attacked Bush not because he went to war but for making the wrong decision on who to go to war with all the while bankrupting this country and costing unneccessary american lives.

  • Somali Ninga

    lol @ the pic!!

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    Cafferty calls a lot of people out — he called Sarah Palin’s performance in that interview with Charles Gibson “the most pathetic thing I have ever seen from a politician on the national stage”.

    Obama is not a saint, he is a politician — and the guy has the right to call HIM OUT, just as he called Sarah Palin’s dumba$$ out.

    It comes with the territory. People who expect Obama to be treated with kid gloves need to accept that.

  • kilikana

    Obama is a liar. He’s been called out time and time again. He’s a liar. Everyone knows that. So far he hasn’t done a damn thing. So because he’s black he shouldn’t be calles out? Bush was a liar too. They’re all a bunch of trifling politicians, whats the difference? What makes Obama so special? He’s just as trifling as the next.

  • MrTavMarie

    co-sign @ listen. People got so wound up in him being this “messiah” of sorts, being a savior and sh*t. But truth of the matter is, Obama is a politician, and they lie; there is NO such thing as an “honest” politician. The lie, scheme, and do whatever it takes to further their own agenda.

  • always knew

    I voted for Obama.

    However, just because he got into office, it doesn’t mean I will agree with everything that he does…

    For example:

    I don’t agree with the extension of the Patriot Act- further erosion of our frredoms, allowing Interpol the ability to arrest Americans. Making Big Brother complete.

    I don’t agree with the whole health care situation, being a small business, I;m am looking at HUGE increases in regards to payroll and matching funds for this latest debacle.

    I don’t agree with that lie he told 2 weeks ago about no capital gains tax for small business, NEWSFLASH: There never were any, capital gains is on real estate, not revenue or income…

    I thought he would make things better, but all I see is the deficit getting bigger. More outsourcing and deals with other countries. More war, costing tax payers, and still no deal with this illegal immigration, now he’s saying he will legalize them all.

    My Analysis: I did not vote him in because he was black. However, I went across party lines and changed my party, to vote for him.

    He’s hitting my pockets awfully hard. I don’t believe that I will be voting for him 2012. I don’t know who else will run, but I can almost safely bet, I won’t be voting for him…

    What I don’t like most, Obama can’t appease everyone, but he never takes a firm stance and sticks with it…

    I am a blk female and before you all start slinging mud, I WILL VOTE WITH MY POCKETS AND AGAINST LEGISLATION, I DON”T BELIEVE IN.

  • http://facebook.com/jaerisk Jaerisk

    Wow who fact checks for you guys a 3 year old?? Jack Cafferty isn’t a republican and has gone off Bush several times. Ignorant, ignorant people.

  • girl

    putting a cigarette in obama’s mouth does not make him look tougher to stand up to republicans. LOL omg you’re so pathetic! Obama did lie!!!!! He’s doing everything he said he wouldnt do while running for the presidency. DUH! if you follow politics you would have know…just cuz he’s black he’s angel to you black people’s eyes…LOL

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