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  • Ray Realtalk

    Global warming is a big issue
    with a small and simple solution.
    If we slow down the world wide
    population growth I would bet my
    own company that Mother Earth would gradually recuperate over
    time. Unfortunately we are like
    viruses slowly destroying our host
    Mother Earth. At some point the host will die. Giving birth to a
    child is a beautiful gift, but we have taken that gift for granted.
    That very god given gift is our
    key to our demise. I do not have any children of my own nor do I
    want any. In some small way I feel like I am helping the environment by not having kids of my own. Don’t get it twisted!
    I would love to have children of my own but in these times I feel
    that we need to make extreme sacrifices. Going green will help
    but we should have been going green since the 1930’s.
    What is so bad is that we as an intelligent species choose not to
    do what is necessary in order to save our planet. China has been working to curb their population
    growth with the 1 child law for a while now. I
    personally applaud China for this
    effort. If we tried that here in the USA I am sure that these damn lawyers would fill our court with b.s. litigation. No matter how you look at
    it downsizing the world population
    will be the one and only thing that saves this planet. Population
    growth is the key denominator to all the harm that we bring to the
    environment. I love people, I love
    my country and I love my planet.
    Population downsizing will preserve all of the above.
    Humans are programmed to grow up and start a family but we have seemed to forgot about the responsibilities. What is so bad is that I am placing the answer to
    Global warming right before the people to see and yet we the people will continue pro-create
    like rabbits in heat. We as a people have to make a conscientious choice not to pro-create at a high rate for the sake of our planet Mother Earth.
    We can sacrifice now or pay later.
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