When The Checks Stop Coming in: Miss Jones Is Out

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

New York Hot 97’s Miss Jones was recently bounced off the morning line-up. According to sources, she will be given time to say goodbye to her listeners. The nationally syndicated Big Boy’s Neighborhood which is beamed out of LA will replace Miss Jones in the Morning according to sources. Poor thang, we don’t think her Superhead book did that well.

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  • JN


  • First!


  • karmic626

    But she will be missed! lol

  • De

    I just bought her book on sale. Will read it tonight.

  • candace

    Good riddens!! I can’t stand this fat ignorant bit**h. I hope no one hires her stupid ass.

  • Nurse GiGi

    I hope she can find a job..

  • jojo

    say good bye to that slob.

  • 2cute4u

    I didn’t even know who she was until I saw her ass on Making the Band dogging out Danity Kane…Oh well see Ya!!!

  • lilkunta

    Serves her right! She dissed MJB & every 1 loves MJB!

    She dissed superhead then releases a sex book just like superhead.

  • Lush_Us Lipps

    Oh well…….Next!

  • candace

    @ GIGI

    why the hell would you want her to find a job? This is the same chick who got on the airwaves the next day making fun of the tsunami victims. she made up a song ridiculing the children telling them “where is your mommy” and all of this other unspeakable trash. They gave her a reprimand also with suspension for 2 weeks. She needed to be fired then. Someone so mean spirited should not be given a forum for unkind, harsh treatment of others who are in turmoil.

  • joneblaze

    I didnt know she was still on the air.Wasnt she down to only working 2 hrs a day anyway?? Cant say i will miss her i found her to be very obnoxious.

  • tadow

    I cant stand her. I love how she dogged out Super Head for being the ho that she is, then wrote a book detailing her own ho-ishness. Let this crypt creeper crawl back into her lair.

  • philly

    big boi is corny we already have them on the other station here. wonder who they are going to replace her with here in philly

  • Tbeenitsince87

    ok…. I really have mixed feelings about this. For one thing Ive listened to her show and I didnt hear anything to out of pocket (but i havent been a long time listener and i only listen while drivin to work so like 10 mins out the day). But i will say this, her voice DEFINITELY doesnt match her look. she look a hotdamn mess in that picture… like someone who talks trash for a living should have known better than to put that on. I didnt know she had a book either, Im really not into fattening celebs pockets so i doubt ill buy it, but maybe ill look it up online or something. And Im from cali, and I CANT STAND the big boi show. PERIOD!

  • caliman

    Big Boi is corny. Out here in Los Angeles he over at Power hugging them Mexican’s nuts. He promote their parties and stay away from black clubs parties and all his callers and listeners are Mexican. The only time he deal with black people is when he can make a dollar at some telvised event to get his name out there. He aint nothing but a sellout.

  • Caliprincess

    I was transplanted from Cali to the east a while back. Although there are plenty of things that I don’t like about Miss Jones’ morning show, at least she’s entertaining. OMG Big Boi is garbage. What the hell am I gonna listen to in the morning? They took off Star n Buck…no more Miss Jones…I need trash talking to get my day started haha.

  • Jonesy don't goesy

    Why do people on these blog comments always hate on other people who do great things and make thier money legally? Especially, people of color who do thier thing, without causing any harm to others. Miss Jones, DJ Envy, and Michael Shawn were great radio personalities, who were a part of my second favorite show, second to The Wendy Williams Experince. The Miss Jones in the Morning Show provided laughter and entertainment to at least a million listeners in the New York and Philadelphia radio markets. Even though Miss Jones and her co-hosts were offensive, they did bring happiness to many people. Now I do aggree that the Tsuanmi incident was tacky to the victims of that great tradegy. However, Asians aren’t so honorable to people of color either. They act very whitish when it comes to blacks and hispanics. But that’s neither here nor there. Miss Jones, Michael Shawn, and DJ Envy will all be greatly missed. I hope that they will not inject L.A. based Big Boi to New York’s Hot 97. New York is the number-one radio market, and it should have its own local radio host. I will now listen to Ed Lover or even better Star and Bucwild. Hot 97, you have lost another great star that can’t be replaced with an out of town cornball. P.S.: Please don’t reply by stating that your comments are your opinion because nobody ask for your damn opinions, you internet haters….

  • Ms. Doagae

    I never liked her…..

  • Papa San


  • Bran Bran

    I see Miss Jones has come up in here and posting in her defense..lol. On the real though I think a little trash talking isn’t that bad and inspite of little facts like you shouldn’t talk about others when you look like who done it and why..I enjoy listening to some like Wendy Williams. My problem with Miss Jones is that she always has to take it to a whole nother level. She acts like she has a LOT of hatred in her heart and she’ll say whatever to whoever to get ratings…when you mixed that elements with the fact that she is bitter for failing in the music industry (twice now) she just isn’t bearable.

    Perhaps someone else will waste their money and hire her and she can have 15 more minutes of fame. Or maybe she’ll once again air her dirty laundry and attempt to write a book that no one will buy. Either way…Good Luck Miss Jones!

    P.S. Maybe she can hit up some of her favorite people for a loan…Beyonce–oh naw she talks about her too much…Mary J—wait she tried to diss her too…Monica—naw that ain’t gonna work Monica almost had to whoop that azz. Oh well, I’m sure somebody somewhere will help her out.

  • http://www.myspace.com/phillystud PhillySTUD

    I love Ms. Jones…but she’s tired. She’s not as good as she use to be when she was on Power 99fm in Philly. I guess its the censoring..who knows.


    didnt know her but by the googlin’ i just did…she wasnt liked by many..


    …hold up…its JUNE…what the hell is the sleather pants, hot fur and winter boots for?


    hmmm…ok, its a throwback….still dont care..

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