Plaxico Burress Denied Get Out Of Jail Early Work Release

- By Bossip Staff

Former New York Giants wide-receiver Plaxico Burress has been denied acceptance into a work release program that would have cut down his time on his two-year prison sentence.


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  • drenk

    HAHA!! Dummy!!

  • white male

    What happened to the mandatory minimum sentence? Sounds like he will eventually get out early.

  • Down By Law

    GOOD!They should make an example of him and anyone who says differently is an idiot. If the average guy was in his situation,he wouldn’t be able to get out early on work release so why should he? To whom much is given,much is REQUIRED! Anyone familiar with that one? Plax was given a LOT and in return he pissed it away by doing something stupid. He shouldn’t get any breaks that the average working man couldn’t get. He had the means to hire the best lawyers that money could buy,something the average man couldn’t,and he still ended up in jail. So he needs to do his time just like every other dude up in there who DIDN’T have the advantages that he had.

  • Afrika

    Serve thism m*therf**ker right. Black athletes need to start getting their s**t together. We don’t live in the O.J Simpson era anymore; you won’t get away with insulting the law.

  • shavondenise

    This is the fundamental problem I have with the judicial system. Why do you allow one person (T.I.) get out early and not only was his crime more serious but he is a felon and than in another state another judge is try to set an example and not let Plaxico out? It should be a uniformed system across the board whether it be a flat 5 years or 5 months AND also when it comes to work release programs and probation. The bottom line is that Black men need to realize that they are prey and to stop doing dumb stuff and get in trouble because your “Blackness” comes before money, fame, clout, etc…

  • MzTrina95fo

    Good for him. All sell-out negros should rott in hell. or jail .. LMAO at plaxico and his family… LlllLoLLLlllL!

  • BapBarbie

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  • sean

    im not black but you dudes are stupid and racist

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