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Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger were spotted recently on a date in London. Hamilton is known for being a player, being linked to Naomi Campbell and others.

View pics from Nicole’s birthday party in Vegas and Pharrell performing in Germany coming up next…

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  • anchored and the wire needs a movie


  • okay

    im second.. OH and he looks to young for her…

  • q

    nyggah gay anyhow

  • q

    @anchored and the wire needs a movie


    when he went post op for his surgery, the sex change doc probably forgot

  • Tracey

    Sory but gay is when some one rides their trousers to low IT IS SO GAY!

    Anyway, how short is Nicole, you would think she is tall with shape, but she isnt she is short and skinny.

    But just for me girl, RIDE HIM GOOD LOL he is hot!

  • Tracey

    Pharrel, picture below hamiltons…NOW THAT IS GAY, PRISON GAY STREET DOWN LOW LOOK!

  • MsSmartiepants

    Well I guess screwing Jimmy Iovine didn’t get her her solo album, so it must’ve been time to move on. She’s 30 today, and Lewis isn’t a day over 23 (1/17/85).

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    are those sweat stains on Nicoles blue dress?

    her and Lewis look like brother and sister..

    Pharell makes me want to roll in the bed with his sweaty self

  • Juicy R

    dude is lookin’ kind of stiff but he cute tho’

  • Star

    Opportunist. This is what Nicole does. Yes she’s pretty, in shape, and can sing, but most of all she’s smart!!!! Dude is a big time playboy. Get the publicity Nicole!!!

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    they r jus too damn pretty!!.. its not far…

  • PHILLY IN DA 323

    umm they look like twins

    and i wanna see their negro identification cards

  • DarkCable

    Such a “pretty” couple. I’m not hatin’…. do your thisle Lewis

  • Buzz Session

    Nicole is physically beautiful and she’s doing what all of these marginally talented singers and actresses do; she’s getting a brother with some ends so she doesn’t have to ever worry about going back to the ordinary life. Can you blame her?

    You’ve got to get in where you fit in and from what we’ve heard Hamilton’s pocket’s are deep.

  • Buzz Session

    Click on my name and check me out!

  • Buzz Session

    I mean the chick already got to meet Nelson Mandela because of him.

  • Truth

    What is she wearing?

  • Katrina

    Ummm…second cousins maybe. lol



  • Amber

    She’s been tanning wayyyyy to much!

  • tiggyy

    He looks so uncomfortable with this chick! I guess he found out that she wasn’t a freak like his girlfriend after all! LOL

  • sarafina

    She needs flesh toned bra pad…

    They are kind of cute together in a brother/sister way. Good luck to them!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    That dude Lewis is a formula one driver, they sign big ass contracts because that sh*ts worldwide, hell yeah his pockets are deep. hes the first black driver to win one of those events so he’s like tiger woods when he first started!

    That b*tch is smart to link up with him, this pic will go global.

  • me

    Lewis Hamilton is west indian not black american. big up to Grenada. The spice island.

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    Nicole is gorgeous and damn that Lewis Hamilton guy is definitely download worthy. Mmm he looks so good, player or not!

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