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  • O_Gany

    I CARE WHY?????

  • Pookie

    Oh My Goodness Drake…lmao

  • http://BOSSIP Texas M***f**a that's where I stay

    And he still ugly now….

    • jim_f

      you lie – so are you

  • Fiasco

    Drake is about as real as Vanilla Ice.. LMFAO at this pic… Actually Ice probably had more street cred in highschool AND NOW… Keep riding these fake Nickelodean square Hip POP’ers.. The microphone should have A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST nICKI. She can mos def get the business thou.. Just put tape on her mouth.. Asbestes!!! haha

  • Conte

    @Fiasco – Agree 100%

    Awesome!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Alrighty Then...

    Nikki Minaj looks worse now… I bet she was talented in school )(drama club). Is this what she aspired to be?!?? SMH…

    • jim_f

      Hey – you’re right.

  • pm

    who cares they both still made it…there are plenty of nerds in highschools across america with talents.

    • jim_f

      you’re weird.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Laugh all you want about Drake, but one thing is certain. He set goals for himself back in highschool which said he wanted to be a producer/singer and he has acheived his goals. My question to you Bosippers is can you say the same thing? Do the damn thing Drake!

  • http://www.twitter.com/idilherzi Idil Herzi

    LOL. Thats great shit. A friend of a friend of mine went to FHCI with him; said his rhymes were better back then, smh.

  • B3 Fearless

    Co-sign with *Rrrroe females need to stop sleepin on those geeks in grade school.

  • Imperial

    I’m not sure I would’ve let that picture out… lmao

  • Ponzi

    Anybody that thinks that u need street cred to be a reputable rapper needs to go somewhere and sit the f down. Dumb-asezz.


    Drake looked ugly and still is.

  • wow

    Looool ok regardless of the fact that drake was unfortunate in the face back then look at his goals! From such a young age he knew what he wanted to do and he’s done it, can’t help but respect that

  • Joe

    Drake is one ugly corny looking dude, even now. I don’t know why anyone is surprised, he looks the same only without the glasses and older.

  • Ihate APUSH

    aww he said and “to marry” idc i still love drake!

    • jim_f

      “and to marry…” not you

  • http://www.twitter.com/MamiBangin Aleshia

    Lmaooo! First off Nicki’s name says a lot about her.. It says too much! She look mad pretty though & well she basically f*cked that up. ahahahah & drake OMG he a fraud for real! Fake & Ugly & you mean to tell me thats YOUNG MONEY? ahahahahahahaha..ha..ha..HA!

    • jim_f

      Pssh…. you don’t even know the TRUE young money..

  • dia

    OMG ROFL Drizzy was such a lil’ nerd, and this was in high school, I mean that wasn’t a long time ago. lol I knew he wasn’t really “hard” though I mean he was on Degrassi, and he grew up rich. He is still cute though. Hey we all had an “akward phase”. still LMAO. : ) And Nicky was really cute and still is.

  • maria

    omg. his goal was to become a singer and look! he didd ahaha i love drakee. hes the besst



  • jim_f

    You’re kindergarten… I’ve never even heard of you…. ps – she’s not that cute… i’d imagine you’d drop your boxers for a street ho…

  • jim_f

    You’re smokin’ dope.

  • jim_f

    You can’t spell.

  • jim_f


  • jim_f

    Pohine?? You mean “phony”?

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