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Peep Mos Def and his estranged wife Alana Wyatt during happier times. Now the former stripper is writing a tell-all which implicates him as a wife beater. She starts by reminiscing on how they became close:

“He had asked me if I would attend a MuchMusic performance featuring Kanye West. Now, that was a little awkward because a year prior I had met Kanye in Vegas and we had a moment! NOT SEXUAL! I REPEAT, KANYE WEST and I NEVER have had sexual relations,” she emphasises in the book. She adds: “Much to my surprise, Mos introduced me as his wife.” The next day, August 17, 2005, the pair were married at Toronto City Hall. In the wedding photos included in the book they look happy and sober. “There were stories that we may have been on drugs when we go married… was true honest love at first sight.”

And the decline:

Within six weeks, the couple had attended Fashion Week in New York, the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami, purchased a $850,000 house in Caledon — and separated.

She said she filed for divorce in October following what she claimed was a loud argument that got out of control. “I don’t believe that his intent was to hurt me, I believe that he was trying to prove a point,” she said. “But I had shared and cried with him many nights about my past (abusive) situation and I asked of him not to do that [abuse her]. Wyatt-Smith said she didn’t press charges because she didn’t “want to cause problems” in the hopes that his outburst was “a first and last.”

She said there were several attempts at reconciliation, but that Mos Def, who has six children with four different women, has a demanding though not abusive demeanor that she found difficult to abide. They have not been together since October 2006, but despite a $115,000 financial settlement are not officially divorced. “He won’t sign the papers,” she said. “He told my lawyer if he can’t have me, nobody else will.”

Alana Wyatt stands to get a pretty penny for this little tell-all. Who knew the mild mannered Mos Def was on some fatal attraction shyte? SMH.


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  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!


  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Mighty Mos! Brooklyn, Stand UP!!!!!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Damn Mos… You wildin’!

  • Moreaces

    Mos it the man,, Love him.

  • shesofine

    his nose is disgusting

  • Afiya

    OH DAMN!!! Is anybody’s relationship SACRED!!!


  • Keesha

    Former stripper? What a suprise!!! When will these men learn to marry some women with substance? They need to take note from Denzel, Will Smith, and Rev Run.




  • Hmmm


    They look good together.

    All you have to do is call the Poe-Poe and write a book. What is relationships coming to these days?


  • samira

    I STILL love him!!! He is a gifted individual!!!

    Although I would have to think twice about intermingling with him on the personal level…LOL.

  • dan


  • Kompton's Kutie

    Wassup with these dudes marrying strippers?! You should already know, that won’t last for too long.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    I don’t believe this chick… I think she’s just trying to ca$h in on a payday.

  • Aunt Viv

    I love Mos, but none of this surprises me.

  • WhatsYoursIsMine

    Where is the love?! I don’t understand why no one can keep quiet anymore!

    Doesn’t anyone realize when you tell about your ex you’re telling on yourself, too?!

    There are too many good men and women out there for this nonsense to be floating around in cyberspace.

    Can’t we start doing profiles of couples in LOVING relationships. PLEASE????????

  • Che Guevara

    when r these dudes gonna wake up and realise that they are targets! he fell in luv with something but im pretty sure it wasnt her intellect or mothering potential!!

    mos got played and now he’s getting punkd.

    mos cmon now. u been ma dude for a minute. now im beginning to think. all tht soft spoken stuff aint count for ish…

    she ‘had a momnet’ with kanye. what a groupie.

    let her go mos. u should be concentrating on raising them 6 kids of ur anyway!

  • Sydney

    I’m confused. . .I thought Mos recently married a woman overseas, or maybe that’s his second wife. Is this the same woman? They’re separated already?

  • kaybaybay

    Strippers are people too. lmao. Anyway wow i won’t be purchasing this book but wow. Who knew? not i. Damn shame i like him a lot. Oh well. I’m sure she will find comfort in all the money set to come her way.

  • SMDH

    “She said there were several attempts at reconciliation, but that Mos Def, who has six children with four different women, has a demanding though not abusive demeanor that she found difficult to abide.”

    I have to give her that much though!! Black males are very very demanding demeanors.. Tht’s why I don’t get why they are always on the black woman about what they perceive to be hers…

  • LJ

    “She adds: ‘Much to my surprise, Mos introduced me as his wife.’ The next day, August 17, 2005, the pair were married at Toronto City Hall.

    He married a (ex?)stripper the next day? Neither one should be surprised that the other person wasn’t who they “thought” they were. Fools.

  • kaybaybay

    SMDH……. what is your problem? Who hurt you? All the time Black male this black male that. There are some damn good black men in the world. Maybe you should look inside of yourself.

  • kaybaybay

    KZZMERGHTTHERE(IS BACK 4 A MINUTE)… where you been homie? lol

  • Ms.Brilly

    I’m really tired of this trend; women coming out with “tell all books”. If I were the judge presiding over her divorce I’d say: you got $115k, you take the proceeds from the book, give Mos half (since you’re making a dime off of him) and you get nothing else. Poof be gone

    Mos, Mos, Mos… please stay away from those triflin’ chicks in the future. Take care of your 6 (!) kids, and if you are abusive… seek help. I still love your music tho! Mighty Mos!

  • Sydney

    Marquis, what does his wife’s race have to do with anything?

  • kaybaybay

    Where does it say that she is anything but black? Did i miss something let me read it again.

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