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Why can’t these soup cookies just let Black folks live in muthaf***kin’ peace?!?

Nicole Pyles

Source: Julian Pyles / Handout

Each time we read and report on one of these types of stories, our blood boils with the heat of 1,000 Hells. Black folks are minding their Black-a$$ business, living their best Black-a$$ lives, and for some reason, there is always a “rule” that was undoubtedly created by some white person that impedes our way of life.

According to the NY Times, a Black high school softball player named Nicole Pyles was forced to remove the ornate beads that were in her hair in order to be allowed to continue playing a game. This is very similar to the racist oppression that was set upon New Jersey high school wrestler Andrew Johnson back in 2018. Pyles plays for Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina, and at the top of the second inning in a recent game when an umpire approached her coach to complain about the beads obstructing his view of her jersey number. In the photo above taken by her father Julian, you can CLEARLY see that her number is visible. As hell. In an interview with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Nicole says that she has worn this EXACT same hairstyle in five previous games without a single syllable of complaint from umps or opposing teams.

“That’s when the ump had basically said to my coach that either I take the beads out or I can’t play,” she said in the interview. “This is the second inning going on the third, and my beads are now a problem?”

“I felt embarrassed and I most definitely felt disrespected,” she said. “I just felt like the world was just staring at me. Why me? Why anybody for that fact?”

In order to stay in the game, Nicole and her teammates cut her braids and her beads. Suffice to say, her father was IRATE.

“Fix the policies for the Black children so they won’t be discriminated against,” he added.

To make matters worse, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Commissioner, a BLACK WOMAN named Que Tucker, DEFENDED the umpire by spouting off the “rule” that Nicole “violated”.

“This is not a new rule, and when the violation was noticed by an umpire, the proper determination of illegal equipment was verified as supported by N.F.H.S. rule,’’ she said.

“We empathize with the student athlete and her experience,’’ Ms. Tucker added. “It is truly unfortunate, as we believe this situation should never have occurred.”

Do you though? Do you really, Ms. Tucker? People disregard stupid-a$$ rules ALL the time just as other umpires had in the previous games Nicole played in. For her sake, we hope this Tucker lady is going to fight to change this arbitrary and obviously biased rule. It’s literally the least she could do.

Nicole and the SCSJ are demanding an apology from all parties involved.


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