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Akon has the patience of an angel! After his Range Rover was reportedly stolen right before his eyes as he pumped gas at an Atlanta gas station, he had to deal with the inept response from police and a discourteous 911 operator it seems.

TMZ obtained the audio of Akon’s call to Atlanta PD late Monday night after the alleged incident and it seems like he made multiple calls before encountering a stone-cold 911 operator.

“How are you doing? I was just car-jacked at the gas station for my Range Rover,” said Akon to start the call.

Akon proceeded to give the address that his car was tracked to, revealing that the robber ended up at a nearby Neiman Marcus department store. “Neiman Marcus is not a street in the city of Atlanta,” corrected the 911 operator. Akon then explained that was the location to where the car was parked, which he found via a GPS tracker.

“What gas station are you at and have you made a police report?” insisted the operator. “Yeah, the police are on their way but they’ve been on their way for a whole hour.” The operator went on to ask about the crime, which Akon described. “It wasn’t at gunpoint. I was literally getting gas and they just jumped in the car and–,” he said before getting cut off. “That’s not a car-jacking… someone stole your car.”

Well damn!


Unfortunately, Akon’s SUV wasn’t recovered that night. Reportedly it was found later Tuesday in another part of town. So far, no suspects have been arrested.


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