Republican Intellect: Part 2

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

That band of dimwits over at the NBRA, National Black Republican Association, or a more fitting term – Nothing But Retarded A**holes – are about to unleash some detestable radio ads to discredit Barack Obama. This one is called “Arrogant Obama”:

“Bitter is what Obama called blacks and whites who love God. Racist is what Obama called his white grandmother who raised him and made sacrifices so Obama could get a good education and become a millionaire. Obama’s friends are terrorist Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright who said innocent Americans deserved to die on September 11th. Obama is an arrogant elitist who turned his back on poor blacks and his own country.”

They are wrong on so many levels. The Republican intellect knows no integrity. It’s pathetic how they try to spin filth out of thin air. Click here to listen to these weak-ass ads pieced together by those Uncle Toms for yourselves. SMH.

A little sumthin extra: Click HERE to watch Jay-Z give “President” Bush a proper send off at the end of this clip of his set in Glastonbury.

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  • Lush-Us Lipps

    This ish is crazy!

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Oh, by the way… 1st 🙂

  • Just Sayin

    FIRST! Dam it!

  • DeLaRoCkA


    thats all

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    They must be on the John McCain payroll.

  • Just Sayin

    @Lush-Us Lipps

    Dam, Dam Daaaaaaaam, You beat me to it.


    Oh… 2nd

  • Z

    Thats the most ignorant thing I ever read….

  • Nurse GiGi

    -Well we all new they had plenty of tricks in the bag.

    -After all, they’ve had ample time to come up with ‘Nuff’ ammunition while waiting for OBAMA and hillary to settle the score.

  • bria

    Why are you so shocked. What did you think they were going to try and do with him. If they tear each other down too get into that office what did you really think they were going to do with Obama. Don’t fall for their foolishness. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t allow foolishness too ruin your day.

    We all know who the next President of the United States of America is and there is no need to allow foolish men be it black or white tarnish nor destroy this experience for you. All things meant for evil shall be turned into good. Live your live with that as your motto and nothing else can come at you. As long as you have the most high as the head of your life who can harm you.

  • Octavia

    Proof that in 2008, with enough money, whites can still buy a house-n*gger or two.

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    @ Just Saying

    sorry 😦 …… hee, hee, hee, hee 🙂

  • Z

    Whats scary is the simple minded mofos that live among us and feed into propaganda such as this.

  • Meeko From Detroit

    Damn im in the Top 10…..

    ugh i can never be 1st

    shouts out to my Detroit Playas….come smoke with ya mans.

  • Meeko From Detroit

    damn i need to be in the top 10

  • apple


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  • Hannibal

    John McCain supporters STAND UP!

  • Madame Enigma

    a damn shame – I tell ya…

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    it took long enough..using black people against black people, so they can always say ‘look your own people don’t like you’..wake up! Barack will be the next President

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    Hannibal, i knew you weren’t too far behind

  • WordtotheWise

    Not surprised at all. We all know we can be our worst enemy. Nothing new here.

  • I'm Just Me

    I was expecting something like this. I really was. It is a pure divide and conquor technique and has been working for years. But we as a country need to wake up and not let it happen this time. OBAMA ’08. Uncle Tom’s always looks like fools when they are slapped in the fact that white people still view that as black. YOU ARE BEING USED NBRA!

  • WordtotheWise

    “Yes We Can” means we can move past Bush and get new blood in the White House. The only false hope that will come is to those that think Obama will fix everything. He cannot and will not; actually no man can so I don’t put my faith in him, only in God, but I do believe he’s the best man for the job, and I will support him all the way. This is my opinion and I’m not going to debate it with Obama haters.

    Yes We Can. Obama ’08!

  • tg

    As always, we are always are WORSE enemy and the average person (don’t want to mention RACE) knows that. All they do is sit back and let us destroy ourselves. Get a CLUE – is what I would say to the NBRA.


    thread gets derailed by racebaiter in 5,4,3,2…….

  • Afiya

    How many people are in the organization…like 5…so who cares what they say…

    Why we can’t do right for our people I’ll never know…always wanna bring us down…even when they know this is the best man for office.


    The Williams Sisters are playing each other @ Wimbledon Thursday…Who YOU wit?

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