Poor Thang: Tiger Woods Entered Sex Rehab to Try to Cure That Little Nasty Habit of His

- By Bossip Staff

Before Christmas, BOSSIP reported that Tiger Woods was planning on checking into “Sex Rehab” to keep Elin…well more details have emerged regarding such:

In the ever-changing story about Tiger Woods, word has resurfaced that he may have entered an upscale clinic in Arizona for sex rehab, according to sources contacted by PEOPLE.

The sources say that Woods entered The Meadows, a clinic in Wickenburg, Ariz., sometime around the holidays – a rumor that first made the rounds last month. The clinic specializes in substance abuse, as well as compulsive disorders such as gambling or sex addiction.

A sex-therapy expert who claims to be familiar with the situation says Woods, 34, showed up in Wickenburg around New Year’s and would likely plan to stay for 4 to 5 weeks of treatment. “He should be out by Valentine’s Day or thereabouts,” says the source.

The golf champ’s whereabouts have been the subject of intense speculation since he crashed his car after a Thanksgiving fight with his wife Elin Nordegren. Reports have placed him on Long Island, in the Bahamas, in Africa, on the Oregon coast – and now again in Wickenburg, a town of only 6,400 people and some 60 miles northwest of Phoenix. There was talk around town that he flew in by helicopter shortly before Christmas, though a well-placed source placed him in California with Elin and his mother for Christmas.

On the heels of his alleged arrival, a local pizza shop posted a sign reading, “Hey, Tiger, we deliver,” and a local TV station sent a crew. Yet for all the commotion, Woods has not actually been seen.

SMH. Well at least he’s trying to get help…


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  • ejdollas


  • http://maya.friday@facebook.com Macori, St. Maarten

    I’ve heard people say these women were ugly. I think they meant to say fugly.

  • Bumba Dred

    Macori, St. Maarten
    1/12/10, 16:24:pm

    I’ve heard people say these women were ugly. I think they meant to say fugly.


    so is Tiger

  • ...*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsMOdoe*...

    tiger dont need rehab! he should have thought about what he had to lose before cheating. and if he couldnt control himself,KEEP YOUR HOES IN CHECK!

  • KeepNit2Real

    Tiger should go for Jamie J.!!!!

  • Man, I just don't care™


    Say “fugg ’em” to:

    These hoes
    Your wife
    The companies that dropped you
    The other golfers that straight hatin
    These jealous azz nuccas

    Make yo’ cheese and do yo’ thang. You ain’t got to apologize or explain shyyt to anyone.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    the media is really doing everything in their power to humiliate & tear this man down as much as they can…I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiger ends up having a nervous breakdown due to all this madness…Yes,he committed adultery however this is something that has been going on since the beginning of time,regular folks do it everyday but since Tiger’s the highest paid pro-athlete,with major endorsements as well as a billion $$$ fortune,the media makes such a big deal out of this…Tiger needs to drop Elin,be a father to his babies & take some time off to himself

  • 2Sweet

    @LIBRA—as much money as that man has, he should know EVERY chick’s agenda at this point. Even his wife!! They all want a piece of that pie.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BADDB3AUYTYN3LLZ follow me @baddb3autyn3llz


  • Man, I just don't care™

    “as much money as that man has, he should know EVERY chick’s agenda at this point. Even his wife!! They all want a piece of that pie.”

    I think Tiger knows what time it is with these hoes. I ain’t even mad at these hoes for being what they are. I ain’t mad at Tiger for enjoying his wealth and fame to the fullest. Everyone involved was content with the arrangement until it went public.

    The media tryin to sell this “How terrible is Tiger” to the public to make a quick buck. No more, no less.

  • 2Sweet

    @Man, I just don’t care–
    With rich men pu$$y is almost always an ATM. Dyck goes in, cash comes out.

  • 2Sweet

    That picture of his crying is fuggin HILARIOUS!!! Goes great w/the title.

  • http://www.bossip.com This Some Shhh....

    There’s a lesson to be learned in this for all of us. Stay humble. They’ve been building Tiger up for years for this fall. People telling you you are the greatest for so long you start believing the hype. When you fall you realize you just another man.

  • WhatAWorld

    Tiger doesn’t have a sexual addiction,he just should have never married.Why are they still on this Tiger case,just trying to get animosity while they make up a steroid charge or are they waiting for the blacks to step by his side,cause it wont happen,get over it already!

  • wctw

    I think Tiger has emotional disorder sickness… Being at the top (success, wealth, fame, top athlete), he felt lost and lonely and unluckily thought he found a solution but the wrong solution (ie sex) for him… He needs to get to the root cause of his emotional vaultness. Being rich from a young age, he probably found very insecure that most people are after him only for money…If his wife is operating in similar manner in this crisis, it further reinstate his insecurity…

  • mzdiva


  • mzdiva




  • SexiNESS

    Tiger needs to speak to the the wizard and get a damn brain!

    Follow me on twitter

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    Forgive me sisters, but with all that money, I’d be making a nuisance out of myself at the AKA conventions, the DST conventions — hell, I’d even try to chop down Sheryl Underwood at the ZPB conventions …..

    Sorry, got carried away for a second. And this damn fool wasted his time on these damn plain vanilla trollops, who can’t keep their mouthes closed any better than they can their legs.

  • KaniGitADolla?

    I LuV yA Black….

    U aLwayZ kEEpz iT Real!

  • KaniGitADolla?

    @ Sex

    Tiger needs to speak to the the wizard and get a damn brain!

    i aM LaFFiN mAh @zz aWff bOuT nOw!

  • KaniGitADolla?

    @ dOnT Kno

    tHat wuz dEEEEp iSh!



  • redbonekillbill

    What a mess-SMDH!


    Whatever.Just be done with this silliness in time to get some practice rounds in. The Masters is just around the corner.


    BTW…Wickenburg is a really cool little town.Lotta quietly rich folk running around the place.Not as “touristy” as Sedona.

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