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Yet another passenger f*cked around and found out that the friendly skies don’t play that!

Delta Air Lines Airbus A330neo Landing

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Now that places across the country are reopening with rolled back or lifted restrictions, the most dangerous part of air travel is no longer The ‘Rona. After over a year of lockdown, people are turning up and throwing hands at airports and even in the middle of flights. On Friday, an unruly passenger on a flight from LAX to Nashville attempted to break into the cockpit of a plane midair.

According to CBSLA, witnesses thought a mental health crisis or drug use could have factored into the outburst and violent behavior. Civilians helped the flight crew to subdue the man in the video tweeted by a passenger of Delta Flight 386.

The standout hero is the flight attendant identified as Christopher Williams who sprang into action, tackling the man and hog-tying him while the pilots made an emergency landing in Albuquerque. His actions saved the 6 crew members and other 161 passengers on board. The local FBI took the passenger into custody after the emergency landing and is currently investigating the incident. The FBI hasn’t said much yet besides a statement that there is “no threat to public safety.”

Airline workers like Williams, seen here probably perfecting his “I don’t get paid enough for this” speech, would likely disagree about threats to public safety after a growing number of passengers turned them into referees or worse, verbal and physical punching bags.

There have been so many recent industry-wide violent incidents on planes and at airports that United, American, and Southwest Airlines have all suspended alcoholic beverage service. This is why we can’t have nice things! Southwest made their announcement shortly after a passenger assaulted a flight attendant, knocking her teeth out over a dispute about enforcing mask policies. Remember your home training while traveling this summer so heroes who keep us safe like Christopher Williams can stick to throwing peanuts instead of throwing hands.

Give that man a raise and a LONG vacation!


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