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Well, this is an interesting take.

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Although they’re still friends (we think?), NeNe Leakes doesn’t believe Marlo Hampton is “overdue” for a full-time position on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee asked NeNe about the possibility of Marlo finally becoming a #RHOA peach holder, something that’s been discussed for years. Although Hampton’s been part of the Bravo show since 2012 she’s only been a “friend of the show” instead of an actual housewife.

According to NeNe, there’s nothing wrong with that and when Jason Lee quipped that Marlo “deserves” to be a full-time cast member, NeNe strongly disagreed.

“It also doesn’t make sense that Marlo doesn’t have a peach yet,” said Lee around the 27-minute mark. “She said she’s ready for a peach and she’s ready to show more of her life. Don’t you think it’s overdue for Marlo at this point?”

“No I disagree,” said Leakes.
“Oh, you don’t think Marlo deserves a peach?!” asked Lee. 
“I disagree,” said Leakes again.

She then broke it down and said that the network seemingly doesn’t deem it necessary to bring Marlo on in a full-time capacity. “What’s going to change?” asked NeNe.

“The reason I disagree is because if you’ve been doing something for so long, I don’t see the network giving you a peach,” said NeNe. “I am just speaking from my eyes and the way I view the network and the way television works. You have given everything for this amount of pay. Why do they need to give you a peach? For what? What’s going to change? They’re getting everything they need right now. What are they gonna get when they give you a peach? All they’re going to get is a photo of you holding a peach.”


NeNe also disagreed that making Marlo a peach holder would make the reality star share more of her personal life.




Marlo recently told TheJasmineBRAND that she and her “sister” NeNe are still on good terms despite NeNe’s departure from the show…

“No, I don’t give her Housewives tea. I do talk to her. We don’t talk as much as we used to because I just feel right now Nene is going through – this was a huge part of her life. So I feel that my sister’s just right now, going through getting her together.”

and Marlo shared that she wants a peach to satisfy her “Hamptons” fan club and so she can showcase her true self.

“I’m at a point now I care for the Hamptons [her fans] and the Hamptons want to see more of me,” Hampton told TheJasmineBRAND. “The Hamptons deserve to see more of me and really not have to make up the story. But I care now for my fans, you know, because the Hamptons made me who I am today. So I do feel that they deserve to really come into my life because people painted this picture who they wanted me to be and wanted the world to see me as, and it’s like it’s nothing like that. I’m totally different.”


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Source: Bravo / Getty

Hmmm, do YOU think Marlo deserves a full-time peach on #RHOA?


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