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Texas mom is arrested after attending 7th grade in place of her daughter for social media content where she claims she was testing the security of the school.

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For some reason, a trend of adults sneaking into high schools and middle schools is starting to become more and more popular. We saw this happen in Florida last month, where an influencer snuck onto a campus to try and gain more followers. This act is not only illegal, but creepy, and will land you behind bars. If anything in this world was a bad look, sneaking back to high school is about as down bad as one can be. We all know that one person who can’t let high school go but this is an entirely different story.

According to TMZ, a Texas mother decided to see if she could replace her 7th grade daughter in her classes to test security for her Youtube channel and you guessed it–she got her self locked up.

The lady’s name is Casey Garcia … a 30-year-old who’s got a 7th grader attending Garcia-Enriquez Middle School near El Paso … whose security process she wanted to test by going “undercover” as a student … just to see how far she could get without being caught.

Garcia recorded her experience and posted the footage on YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms — which have taken off and gone viral. It’s pretty crazy … she does a full incognito attempt, undergoing a makeup routine and a wardrobe change to pull it off.

Garcia is seen walking through the halls, interacting with faculty, sitting in class listening to lectures, and even eating lunch at one point … and no one seems to notice she’s an adult. Eventually, the jig was up … somebody called her out and reported her to the principal.


As the they say: if you see something, say something–and that’s what the kids did. The mother was booked for falsifying records and for trespassing and could have even more charges added due to the Youtube video still being up. You can watch her entire Youtube video sneaking into the school above and below you can see her home footage of the police showing up to her house.



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