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  • Keepnit100

    SMH..this is shocking to say the least

  • whatever

    Too much!

  • http://Bossip Bliss

    I believe it… I believe it and I believe that Trey Songz in a Butch Queen. I just don’t respect men that are not up-front with their homo ways.

  • disgusted

    excuse me while I go throw up

  • kitty

    You know what , it could be true. When a man tries so hard to be a ladies man something is not right. These stars are in for a surprise this year . All their dirty laundry is going to hit the fan and its going to get ugly up in the entertainment industry . People need money and their playing the trump card to get it , oh well say ahhhhhhhhhhh, lol

  • Evinkauga

    I still Love you Trey and I have all your albums

  • Habina

    Makes sense, I’ve heard B Hines was gay

  • wifey06

    I hope the light is shed on everyone. Ya’ll sweating most of these guys who one either don’t like black women or don’t like women….lol

    dumb buts giving away their money…lol!!!

  • sweetga

    all i can say is wow…….. what are we doing world? seriously

  • Sunni_daze

    So is safe to say that if they not chasing LSLH and glorifing her, that they sword fight, and packin fudge. Ladies I think that as black women we need to start looking elsewhere for MEN!

  • sweetga

    why are we exploiting ourselves and our children so much? i just hope that these people are using some form of protection…i still say it is a ploy to destroy black music

  • c-lo goodie

    I wish these guys would just say they gay… but do we really want confused boys talking about they wanna be gay just like Trey Songz?? SMDH…

  • keke

    i still love or bi or straight.i wonder when this sexuality business will stop being significant enough to ‘report’ upon…


    If he is a sword fighter its no big suprise. It stands to reason that being in the arts & emtertainment field, there will be more gay/bi-sexuals types than less. To each his own….NEXT!

  • Dr. Hayden Drake


    His music is still good. Keep making good music and I’ll buy it.

    As a grown man, i personally don’t care or have any investment into to what another man does in his own bed.

    We should be buying his music, not his sexuality.


    Sorry Trey is GAY!

    I know Brandon from Howard and there were MANY rumors of him being GAY. And if he is linked with Trey then this posting is DEAD on.

    I agree that who Trey Sleeps with is not really of any consequence to me but I think this is why AIDS is such a huge problem in the African American community. People like Songz sleep with women who don’t know his Status. Some who don’t care that is fine but I’m not sure he tells everyone.This is the problem. Trey is not open about this or he would be done. I’m sure he will deny this story but Brandon does have a few songs with him and Brandon is very gay. But I think Brandon “in the Closet” but he has a much harder time not coming off GAY. LOL

    This is not exactly a shocking story. And it’s not new.

  • Coby

    “What you saying” Trey!, What you saying! Come out the closet before the pictures come out exposing your homosexual ways. Did you hit Chris Brown and Drake come on you could talk it your secret is out now.

  • Come On People

    according to this website every man in the industry is gay.

  • Walt Deseppi

    This ain’t nothing new most in the gay community new this here’s a link to a picture where Brandon and Trey were on facebook together:

    No surprise here….he still makes good music though.

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>> what happened to change in 2012



    i hope EVERYBODY IS using protection STR8/GAY/BI/TRI.. DAMMIT B SAFE!!!!!

  • Terry

    This is totally a rumor! They don’t have solid proof of this so what makes ppl believe this, it baffles me! And even if he did turn out gay, which isn’t true, he ain’t comin home to you. So why are you worried?!

  • redbonekillbill

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Not that it should even matter (though it does matter to the public and can be career suicide) I really think that most of these stories are true. Made up either by a jilted lawyer or wishful by a wishful thinking fan or like in the Chappelle show the gay community wants to claim certain celebrities. Whatever the case is, everyone needs to be using protection.

  • redbonekillbill

    SMH I meant lover lol

  • MelloYello

    I agree with everyone else. . . who cares??? What Trey does with his thing is his business!!!!!!! But word to the wise what you do in the dark is always brought to light so being honest about who you are is always the best way to go, either they are going to love you or hate you… And Trey i love ur music regardless!!!!!!!!!

  • AntHeezie

    He is famous becuz woman want him. its quite simple..if woman know he is gay, the desire will fade, and so will the album sales. Its nothing against him or his orientation, its just human nature.

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