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    moon chin

    will say anything


    NATALIE i whats up i know you every since you went to high school ive liked you i had a crush on you you told me that you didnt want to talk to me i turned on the tv and looked at this episode called the bad girls club how the hell you in up with that gid well you ran la i couldnt tell if you get this message let me know what you want to do im going to give you my number to give you my number im going to let you know that if you about playing those game the way you play those other guys i dont get down like that but you real hook me up if fake with hooking up then gone and by pass this number if you say you run la well run to atlanta to meet me 404 547-8895 you say you need a man with money you lying you just need somebody to take of you and dont care whate these folks say about you you keep it NATALIE NUNN do you run L.A. ill see if you run it or not you still like old natalie peace im not mad at you

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