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Kyla Flagg Robert Fyke

Source: Lubbock County Detention Center / Lubbock County Detention Center

On almost a daily basis we see missing person flyers posted on social media about Black girls who haven’t been seen in days or weeks by their families. Each and every time it not only breaks our hearts but chills us to the bone to think about some a$$hole who has snatched a scared child off the streets to do God-knows-what with them. We have goosebumps just typing the words.

According to EverythingLubbock, 33-year-old Robert Fyke has been arrested and charged for the kidnapping of two girls from the state of Georgia. One of the girls who was kidnapped is unnamed at this time. The other girl is 14-years-old and her name is Kyla Flagg. Fortunately, news broke today that Kyla has been found safe and sound.

According to KCBD11, reports from the investigation reveal that Fyke started an online relationship with Flagg before leaving Georgia and bringing her to Texas. Fyke said he met the minor in a group chat with users looking to find a relationship with an “age gap of 17 years or more.”

Authorities say the 33-year-old admitted to exchanging explicit pictures with the minor before they met and the two continued to engage in sexual behavior once they arrived in Lubbock.

Fyke has been arrested on possession of child pornography charges. Additionally, federal charges have been filed as well. The federal charging docs state that the unnamed 14-year-old girl was taken from Georgia on May 15. Fyke told police that she was taken by another man around June 11 and could be in another state at this time.

We would very much like to see these charges, but what we’d like to see even more is Robert Fyke behind bars for the rest of his natural life.



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