The Director of *On to the Next One* Explains Controversial Imagery in Video

- By Bossip Staff

When Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz premiered their video for “On To The Next One” on New Year’s Eve the world was abuzz with rumors that the Jigga man was confirming rumors that he was in ties with an underground secret society.

The video’s dark imagery and gothic undertones led to numerous YouTube videos breaking down the visual to expose the seemingly dark forces behind it and Jay’s ties to the Illuminati and FreeMasonry.

Now for the first time the director of the video Sam Brown is speaking out to defend his work.

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  • MJfan4LIFE


  • sweetga

    i am not sure about anything in the music industry anymore… i still don’t understand why shakir stewart started acting different and not himself the last 3 months of his life….. it is something incorrect i hope that it will be revealed

  • tHe GrIm ReApEr

    In the words of Jigga: When black people lose Jesus, then will the black race progress

  • Nique


    “on to the Next one…

  • drenk

    Ah damn now all the “OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE” and “WAKE UP SHEEPLE” and bible thumpers are gonna come out and start preaching about end of times and NWO. NO ONE CARES SHUT UP ALREADY!!

  • Dr. Hayden Drake

    Does any one else see where A director is explaining anything. The link just leads back to an old posting.

  • Common

    @ Drenk

    If you don’t care, why are you even posting a comment??

  • Carmen

    Don’t trust Jay- Z at all.

  • E$

    so where does Beyonce fit into this? Do you think JaY-z mama would be ok with this? Think people………

  • Common

    @ E$

    And when was the last time you heard Jay say anything about his momma?

  • dimples

    @ Dr. Hayden Drake- I’m with you, I saw nothing new.

  • Keepnit100

    1/13/10, 11:03:am

    i am not sure about anything in the music industry anymore… i still don’t understand why shakir stewart started acting different and not himself the last 3 months of his life….. it is something incorrect i hope that it will be revealed


    I remember the story about him. Didn’t he commit suicide or something like that?

  • Soul Touch

    I don’t see a story. No cover on the director?

    People are dead and dying in Haiti. Stop talking about the devil and do something to help your people.

    …same ship, different rock…

    Donate now.

  • Speculations

    Everyone is so worried about what someone else is worshiping or believing and they better start looking within themselves.

  • Atlnightspots

    Anything affiliated with Jay becomes to over analazyed imo

  • Dr. Hayden Drake

    @ Tina,


  • Dr. Hayden Drake

    The most important lines from the director are these…

    “You can connect anything if you try hard enough, and make it mean anything you want it to.”

    “All the imagery was thought up by me(the director not Jay-Z) and was a response to the track itself.”

    “the idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas, hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff.”

    For me this ends the argument,

  • Tina

    @Dr. Drake

    Not a problem.

  • Bill Bigsby

    This is soooo stupid, only true idiots actually belive this. Jay is really making the church freaks look stupid.

    BTW Freemason and Illuminati are two completely different things.

    A famous black member of the Illuminati?!?!… cmon. lmao.

  • Tina


    Leave Jays mom alone. Nothing wrong with being gay if she is. How are ya?

  • chantie

    we come into this world alone and we die alone. God will not be looking at jay-z and YOU. he will judge you alone.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Secret societies are nothing new, they have been around for thousands of years. But they wern’t here before GOD, therfore JZ and his crew aren’t saying anything new. I practiced Buddism for a number of years and found it to be primitive and redundant. I was searching for the truth although I was raised Christian. God protected me as I wondered through the wilderness searching for the truth. I went back to following Jesus teachings and paid particular attention to him saying that he left behind his Holy Spirit to guide us in the path of rightousness. I asked to recieve that same spirit of his and found out the truth which is. The only way to receive Gods spirit is to ask? All other religions attempt to connect you directly to God. If God is omninecent, omnipotent encompasing all things what would make peole think that they can be equal to him or be able to have direct fellowship with him? In other words to make things simple here is an example. I know Barack Obama as president of the United States, I know his wife Michelle and his two daughters Malia and Sasha, but he doesn’t know me from a can of paint, so if I were to approach him I would immediately be arrested or something because I would be out of order because as president he is unapproachable for security reasons. Now back to God, if God left his holy spirit in us as a way to communicate with him and we reject that spirit that dwells withen us and attemp to connect with him directly, the same result of me trying to get to the president, will be the same result even worse with me attempting to go directly to God with all of my sin and innequities before me trying to speak for myself to someone who has created the stars and the universe and the heavens and the earth and the moon and the sun, who tells the seasons when to change, who created gravity only on our planet so we would not drift off to the furthest hemosphere. These things are of GOD, whom i personally cannot fathom his greatness, but have a savior Jesus who knows him better than I do, who is willing to intercede for me because of my trangressions. So let JZ and his followers see God in all of his glory and try to justify why they denied his HOLY SPIRIT who is GOD. Knock and the door will be opened, ask and you shall receive. All God is saying is let his spirit enter into your life as a guidepost to direct you through the maze of false profits. If you do this you will understand exactly what I am saying. If you have already done this and know what I am saying, you are now saying AMEN THANKYOU JESUS.

  • Mr. GQ

    Members of the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Boule, Satanism are a clique and they DEFEND AND PROTECT THEIR OWN. Therefore the director is just doing what his satanic alliances tell him to do. DEFLECT THE ATTENTION AWAY FROM JAY Z BEING A SATANIST, SO THE IGNORANT MA.S.S.E.S will remain deceived. Satanism is alive people. Right before your eyes.!

  • Somali Ninga


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