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If you’re planning to watch season two of Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” then fair warning; EVEN MORE SPOILERS AHEAD.


Marvin And Melinda: Too Hot To Handle

Source: Tom Dymond / Netflix



A certain couple whose love story blossomed in the midst of a sex-starved reality show is no longer together. “M and M”, Marvin and Melinda dazzled viewers when they went from a pushy tug of war for attention [unfortunately mostly on Melinda’s end] to a happy couple who fell head over heels for each other.

Marvin And Melinda: Too Hot To Handle

Source: Tom Dymond / Netflix

Marvin And Melinda: Too Hot To Handle

Source: Tom Dymond / Netflix

Flirty francophile Marvin, 26, told Brooklynite Melinda, 28, that he “should have been treating her how he treats his mother” and ultimately asked her to be his girlfriend. The two even shed tears together while reflecting on how they’ll keep their long-distance love going after returning to New York and Paris, respectively.

All that apparently might’ve meant nothing to Marvin however, according to Melinda herself.

During the “Too Hot To Handle” reunion Melinda and Marvin were face to face via Zoom possibly for the first time since making love declarations. According to Melinda, the two booked a trip together to Tulum, Mexico but Marvin pressed pause on the trip after a fight and disappeared. Fast forward to a month later and Marvin went to Tulum with fellow contestant Chase.

Not f-boy behavior at all, right?

Marvin: “We were meant to meet in Tulum in Mexico, I booked my flight to go there and we fought and so finally I didn’t go.”

Melinda: “We were supposed to be in Mexico, that’s correct. I booked the Airbnb, I had things planned but of course, Marvin and I did get into an argument, that is true but he could have put his big boy pants on and still come but he decided to cancel his whole flight. The day that I was supposed to come he was ignoring my texts, I was texting Chase as well, ignoring me too, I was left in the dark. I was pissed. Then he goes to Mexico a month later…”

Marvin: “I went with Chase.”

Melinda: “I was heartbroken that a small argument would make him cancel the whole trip, I was really looking forward to seeing him.”

According to Marvin however, there’s no bad blood between them.

Marvin: “For a long time we didn’t talk or anything but now we talk and we are on good terms and I don’t know what will happen but we’ll see.”

Melinda: “His favorite line, we’ll see.”

“We’ll see”, sure Marvin.

They both confirmed that they’re not together but Marvin said he “misses her a lot” and Melinda said she’ll “always have love for him.”

S I G H.




After the reunion, Marvin went Live on Instagram and chatted with Melinda and his bromance buddy Chase.

Several people pointed out that Marvin seemingly acted uninterested in his ex and wouldn’t confirm that he still had feelings for her.

“Since the end of the show it was hard to see each other. Marvin lives in Paris, I live in New York, it could have been easier but you wanted to make it difficult…” said Melinda.

“That’s a good question,” said Marvin when asked if he still had feelings for his ex. “I’m not gonna answer, I’m not gonna explain everything to everybody.”


Meanwhile, people have noticed that Melinda’s been spending time with fellow “Too Hot To Handle” contestant Peter whom she shared a steamy kiss with on the show.

Secretly booed up or nah??? We can pretty much assume that he’ll treat her better than Marvin did, right?




All of this comes amid allegations that Marvin is a [checks notes] “reality show whore” whose been on not only “Too Hot To Handle” but THREE other dating shows in recent years; “Les Marseillais vs Le Reste Du Monde”, “Les Princes et Les Princesses de l’Amour” and “Love Island France.”



Clearly, his time on Netflix’s #THTH was the most successful as he walked away with the $55K prize money that he got to keep all to himself.


What do YOU think about the latest update on Marvin and Melinda from “Too Hot To Handle”???





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