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Lock him up and throw away the key forever.

Edward Cagney Mathews

Source: Mount Laurel Police Dept. / Mount Laurel Police Dept.

Earlier this week BOSSIP reported on the arrest of Edward Cagney Mathews of Mount Laurel, New Jersey after he was seen berating one of his Black neighbors with the n-word. The confrontation was captured on video and immediately went viral on social media and various news sites.

Today, TMZ is reporting that Mathews is now being investigated for another instance of racist harrassment against another Black person who lives in the condo community. A woman named Jazmyn Jene had a similar confrontation with Mathews back in 2016 where he confirmed that he used the n-word while threatening her with legal action and telling her that the police are his friends and will support whatever he says.

Jazmyn took to Facebook to reshare her video and make clear that she had previously contacted law enforcement about Mathews but they did nothing to address the issue. According to her, they have now apologized for their inaction…

Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office has now opened an investigation into Mathews numerous accustions of this type of behavior and Jazmyn’s video will be added to the building evidence against the surly soup cookie.

We truly hope he rots in a cell and then hell.



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