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This story made us say very mean words that our legal department will not allow us to use here…

School Buses

Source: Marcia Straub / Getty

A school bus driver in Kentucky is in serious trouble after what is possibly one of the most infuriating and inexplicable incidents and viral videos we’ve ever seen.

According to DailyMail, the family of then 6-year-old Ally Rednour has filed a civil lawsuit against the child’s then-school bus driver Melinda Sanders for a 2015 incident that left the child with life-altering injuries. The bus’ security camera captured the entire debacle. As Rednour was exiting the bus, her backpack got caught in the doors and Sanders pulled off without noticing. In the footage, you can see her driving along as if nothing was happening while chatting with another student. The result of her pure stupidity was Ally being dragged several blocks for 1,147 feet. The injuries she sustained covered 12% of her body and she had to undergo numerous surgeries to repair the damage.

Peep the video below. We will warn you, it is going to piss you the f**k off.


Despite the fact that this video was recorded in 2015, it just came to light this week as the lawsuit trial begins. Sanders took the stand as a witness and said the following:

When asked what the ‘moment of truth’ of ‘loading and unloading’ children to the bus means to her, she replied: “It means a lot to me, and I wish, Mr. Paulus, that I had followed that, that day.’

She added: ‘I can’t take that day back.’

We hope that family gets everything out of this moron. How the hell does this even happen without her noticing??? SMFH.


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