Detroit Woman Tracks Down Stolen Car And Drags Suspected Thief By The Locs

Mother of Draggings: Suspected Car Thief Caught A Fade At The Barbershop, Dragged By His Dreadlocks When Tracked Down By The Owner [VIDEO]

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F**k it, she’ll do it herself!

Man stealing a car

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Bianca Chambers isn’t just the owner of  Taste of Honey Boutique. After this weekend, she’s a whole detective, or at least a bounty hunter. Fox 2 reports that after Chambers’ car was allegedly stolen, she started her own investigation. Hours after the car went missing, Chambers spotted an unidentified man driving it. She called the police while following the car, but they advised that it was too dangerous for her to pursue, and he slipped away. In addition to filing a report with the police, she took to Facebook asking for help finding her white Mercedez-Benz. The post went viral and tips started pouring in with her updates on where the car was last spotted.

Chambers was able to repeatedly track down the location of her car and report it to the police to handle. And every time the suspect got away before police could apprehend him. After two days of this cycle repeating, the frustrated owner didn’t want to leave anything else to chance. When someone tipped Chambers off that the car was at a local salon, she took matters into her own hands and ran down on the suspect herself.


After slashing the tires to guarantee the suspect couldn’t escape once again, Chambers confronted the unidentified teen while live-streaming on Facebook Live. She questioned the teen about the Benz out front and started throwing hands in the middle of the salon. “I feel like he needed an old-fashioned a** whooping because you’re going to stop stealing people’s cars,” Chambers said.

Other clients in the salon assisted Chambers in subduing the young man to make a citizen’s arrest and she dragged him out of the salon by his fresh retwist. According to Detroit Police, the assault of the suspect was illegal and she could have been arrested if he pressed charges. “Today was just the last straw,” Chambers continued. “I refused to let this man joyride in my car another day. You will never steal from me again!”

If that isn’t enough of a happy ending, Chambers said the suspect got her car detailed while he took it for a spin. Move over Liam Neeson and make way for Bianca Chambers!


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