Halle Roasts Don Cheadle

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Last Sunday Don Cheadle was honored at the Spirit of Independence Awards and received a special tribute from none other than Halle Berry.

Click HERE to read Halle’s speech as she exposes Don’s quirks and attributes, and talks about his “shoe size” at the awards ceremony.

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  • apple

    She is very gorgeous.She has posted this pic on a dating club ” casualseek.com ” . Many of her fans were seeking for her and wanna chat with her.She is very hot on that club and that club is also hot because of her.

  • Roe ski love

    Halle looking sort of ghostly in this picture. Am I First?

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Another Goddess! Halle is FINE FINE FINE!!

  • I'm Just Me

    She looks nice. I am impressed. I still want to see that baby though. I am sure she is adorable.

  • Official TimeHater

    naturally, Halle’s still putting these young chicks to shame, love those shoes!

  • Bozo D. Clown

    Halle is finer that a motha…

  • LdyK

    she looks cute…i like Don he’s a cheadle…LOL


    good actor!

  • Lauren

    She’s pretty but she looks a lil pasty to me…..JMO


    She looks gorgeous. I forget that she’s mixed but her legs quickly reminded me. Regardless, she’s still beautiful and really doesn’t look as if she gave birth a few months ago. Oh yeah, I like Don too.



  • bree is looking for 6 FIGGAZ..have u seen him?

    Halle looks tired..and all that cake-make-up didn’t help..where is Nahla? bring her out, bring her out!

  • mr mr

    looking good Halle…

    way 2 go Don!





  • DaPro

    Don Cheadle is the man, no doubt. I always like this dude cause he’s anti-hollywood

  • dayg715

    simply stunning.

  • dayg715

    @ bree

    and you think you look better? LMAO

  • Dante!

    DAMN…Halle is gorgeous.

    I love me some mixed beauties.

  • Chaka

    Whatever, Devil. I know who you are (Terrell Owens).

    Anyway, Halle never half steps. Knocks it out of the park every time.

  • Pretty Princess

    Don Cheadle, Jeffery Wright and Hill Harper are seriouly TALENTED!!

    My favority black actors

  • bree is looking for 6 FIGGAZ..have u seen him?

    Jul 1, 2008 – 2:43 pm dayg715(Check me out!)

    @ bree

    and you think you look better? LMAO

    did i call Halle ugly? or did i say she looked tired? where is your picture btw?

  • Aunt Viv

    Halle looks good, a bit tired perhaps, but with a newborn that’s completely understood. I love her dress!

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    Don is a great actor.

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    for your legal entertainment!!!

  • Celebrity CSI

    Halle looks radiant. You can just see the sheer happiness on her face & that’s cool.


    I love the fact that Halle has not brought Nahla out for everyone to see. She never intended to see Nahla’s photos like the other Celebrities who “pimp” their kids photos for profit. I’m sure she’s trying to live a normal life as possible, considering how out of control the paparazzi are right now. I’d be afraid to step foot out the door with Nahla the way they are stalking people. Something has to be done with them, or we’re going to have another Princes Di situation in LA.

  • Sunshine305

    Im a woman and i’d eat halles box out!

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