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If the cops don’t kill you the prison system just might…

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The death of 23-year-old Ta’Neasha Chappell is under heavy scrutiny by her family after they say they received numerous disturbing phone calls from her prior to her passing away last Friday. According to a report in WHAS11, Ta’Neasha was incarcerated in South Indiana at Jackson County Jail and died in a Seymour hospital after being transported by ambulance.

The family says that the detectives who contacted them about her death weren’t very forthcoming with details except to say that Ta’Neasha began to feel sick then was dead. Her loved ones say that her phone calls over the past two months worried them because they felt like Ta’Neasha’s concerns were being ignored.

“I believe they neglected her. They neglected her need, [and] protection. She spoke to me numerous times — phone calls, telling me they were going to kill her in there,” her sister Ronesha Murrell said.

Autopsy reports are still pending but Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has contacted Indiana State police to start an investigation into her cause of death. Sounds like one shady entity being asked to investigate another shady entity about ANOTHER shady entity. We’ll hope for the best for the family’s sake but…

It’s heartbreaking to hear that the family has to essentially BEG someone of authority to give a damn about Ta’Neasha’s life and her death.

 “She may have been an inmate to y’all but she was loved. She was very loved.”

Rest in peace, Ta’Neasha Chappell. We truly hope that the truth comes to light whatever that truth may be. The family deserves at least that small modicum of peace while still grieving her loss.



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