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Another day, another cop abusing his power and enacting violence on the community he swore to protect. According to CBSNews, a now-former Aurora, Colorado cop named John Haubert has resigned from his job after being arrested and charged with multiple felony assaults after beating and bloodying an unarmed suspect two weeks ago. The body camera video of the incident was released this past Tuesday. The video shows officers arresting three men with outstanding warrants. Two of the three broke away from the arrest and left Fuhrer Haubert alone to his own devices with Kyle Vinson. Haubert is seen pointing his service weapon at Vinson and demanding that he lie on the ground face-down.

Haubert then proceeded to pistol-whip Vinson more than seven times opening a gash on his head that required multiple stitches to close. Additionally, Haubert is seen holding Vinson by the neck for more than 40 seconds while the man uttered the infamously ubiquitous words “I can’t breathe”.

But blue lives matter, right? Tuh. Kyle’s father had to watch the video of what “officer” Haubert did to his son.

“I thought he was gonna die,” Maurice Vinson said. “Because he said, ‘you’re killing me.'”

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson sounded off about her brother in blue’s actions:

“We’re disgusted. We’re angry. This is not police work,” Wilson said. “This is not the Aurora Police Department. This was criminal.”

Chief Wilson seems to understand what’s on the line every time a cop does something like this and she didn’t want not a plume of smoke with the national media attention, protests, nor social media backlash.

Officer Haubert is facing multiple felony charges, including second-degree assault and attempted first-degree assault. Another officer on the scene, Francine Martinez, faces misdemeanor charges for failing to intervene or report the use of force.

Peace, bacon boy. Hell awaits.


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