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Former “Basketball Wives” star turned model-entrepreneur Draya Michele is no stranger to getting slammed after putting her foot in her mouth on the Internet, but this time she might want to reconsider sharing anything else in the future at all!

Yesterday, folks on social media called Draya out after she posted a pic of factory workers making her bikini line, Mint Swim. People are convinced that the operation looks like a “sweats shop.”

Mint swim has racked up over a million dollars in revenue for Draya and now people are convinced the star used cheap labor to get her products made according to a photo she shared on her Instagram stories.

Does THIS photo look like Draya is using sweatshop labor to produce her bikini line to YOU?

We can’t call it for sure, but Twitter users are going in on the 36-year-old for sharing the “weird” and “insensitive” image altogether. She seems to be humble-bragging that all of her friends are “in Europe”  in the caption, adding that she’s “CEO-ing.”

Weird flex, but okay.

Back in 2016, Draya confirmed in an interview with Forbes Magazine that she made her first 7-figures in revenue from her swimsuit line. The ex ‘Basketball Wives Star” dubbed herself as “self-made.”

This will be the first year I sold over $1 million in swimsuits. Just to be able to see my numbers on paper, and actually have proof of these profits and have to pay taxes on it was surreal. You know, nobody likes to pay taxes, but once you get to a certain level there’s a part of writing this big check to the IRS that makes you feel kind of good because you feel accomplished. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I’m a self-made millionaire.

SIGH! We’re not sure if Draya realized how sharing an image of factory workers would make her look on social media, but the comments are looking bad for her.

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