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The call is coming from inside the house!


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Post-prison O.J. Simpson is the gift that keeps on giving, whether we want him to or not. The ex-convict was recently interviewed about his legacy by The Athletic for their NFL 100 countdown of top players in the league’s history. Despite an infamous fall from grace as the main suspect in the brutal murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, the list ranks Simpson at no. 41 for his athletic accomplishments. As usual, The Juice is running his mouth and playing in our faces about the murders.

“I have trouble with L.A.,” Simpson said. “People may think this is self-serving, but I might be sitting next to whoever did it. I really don’t know who did this.”

Is Los Angeles infested with mirrors? Why else would O.J. be scared that there could be a killer roaming freely everywhere he goes?

“A complicated legacy” is a disrespectful understatement when he was found liable for the double murder by a civil jury in 1997 after he was famously acquitted in the criminal case. Despite fighting the $60 million Simpson owes to the Brown and Goldman families for nearly 25 years, he boasts about the good life he’s living.

“How many Americans, even today, wouldn’t like to live my life?” Simpson asked. “I don’t work. I play golf four or five days a week. I go out to dinner a couple of nights with friends. People want to buy me drinks. I’m always taking pictures with people. Ladies hug me.”

If that’s not cringe-worthy enough, O.J. added “I figured eventually somebody would confess to something, you know? I had one suspect I told my lawyers to look at. I still think he might be involved, but I can’t talk about it.”

Umm… somebody did reportedly confess to something O.J. The publisher behind Simpson’s banned book about him “hypothetically” committing the killings claims it was presented as an outright confession originally titled, “I Did It.”

No matter how much fun Simpson has playing golf all day and hugging women, he refuses to keep his sunken place shenanigans to himself.


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