Gov. Andrew Cuomo has resigned after report finds he sexually harassed 11 women.


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This time last year, Andrew Cuomo was receiving praise from all over the world. People thought his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was world class, fast, and saved lives. The task was tall but it appeared he stood up to it and handled things the best way possible.

He even went on to release a book about it and make loads of money, he was on CNN smiling with his brother giving America genuine content to smile about in the darkest of times. He was literally at the top of his game.

Unfortunately, as time went on, whispers of him being a predator slowly started to surface until a full investigation was launched. Once finished, that report revealed he sexually harassed 11 women. Today, he held a press conference about the findings in the report and according to the Daily Mail, he resigned.

In a 20-minute speech, he addressed his three daughters, calling them his ‘jewels’ and saying he had ‘made mistakes and learned from them’, but insisting he was not the serial abuser the report made him out to be.He apologized to the women who he ‘offended’ and said he didn’t understand how the ‘line had been redrawn’ by #MeToo. He will replaced by Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul in two weeks.

Impeachment by the New York State Assembly was looking more like an inevitability for Cuomo, with 86 of the 150 members confirming last week they would vote him out – ten more than would be needed.

They were not just looking at the sexual harassment report but also claims that Cuomo used state resources to fund his book, gave his family early access to COVID tests and obscured the number of nursing home residents who died from the virus to avoid criticism after ordering thousands of them back in into homes.

‘The best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to government… so therefore that is what I’ll do because I work for you. Doing the right thing is doing the right thing for you,’ he said. Among the first to celebrate his resignation was Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was routinely overruled and ridiculed by Cuomo during the pandemic on how to handle it in New York City.

No matter how much good you do, sexual harassment will never be allowed in any form.

Governor Andrew Cuomo holds press briefing and makes...

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He will be succeeded by LT. Gov Kathy Hochul who becomes the state’s first female governor. What’s in the future for Cuomo is uncertain, but the story is far from over as the damage has been done and a simple apology just won’t cut it.



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