Sports Illustrated Model Jessica White In A Swirl Sandwich

- By Bossip Staff

We already knew Jessica White was down with the swirl, but this picture of her taking a double dose of cream in her coffee was just too priceless to pass up. Pop the hood for photos of Jess dangling her coconuts in front of the camera.

What is it with this broad and the busted weaves and wigs???

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  • Choco

    I hate when girls are show their azz I used to like her but becuz of this she lost points in my book!

  • RHHS79

    nice ass

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  • drenk

    reverse oreo!

  • Black Woman


    She looks like a play toy for the white man! Way to degrade yourself sistah!

    Highly disappointed.

  • 2Sweet

    P O R N O

  • 2Sweet

    She probably got an ego boost from that! LMAO dark skinned women jock white men way more than we light skinned women do. And this is a fact.

  • jdmann

    And the media said T O was the bad guy..smh



    Women love a Man in uniform

  • Still Waters...

    @2sweet- I have to agree with you… Just displays the chronic self hate they feel….

  • Re- Just Laugh Sometimes

    Those guys look like they hit it from the back to the beat of, “Another One Bites the Dust.”




  • tania

    2sweet whats a fact is that white men actually love dark skinned women

    and she is really playing herself with this degrading picture

  • 2Sweet

    @Tania, white men don’t love ’em anymore than they love light skinned women. I know this for a fact. The dark skinned women just bite!

  • 2Sweet

    …And then when they marry the white guys and pop out a couple of kids by them they want to act like they’re no longer part of the black community!

  • martha focker

    whats a fact is that white men actually love dark skinned women

    ^^for the night yes but most of them would never even admit it.

  • 2Sweet

    Be educated and realize that there ARE and always have been people in the African diaspora that were not that dark!

  • elvispreddie


    and black men NEVER act like that, do they??

  • nywoman23

    what happen to her. when i saw her on the terrel owens show, (her hairstyle was nice on that show she should sport it that way always) she was pretty, not beautiful but alright looking. now everytime after that show that ive seen her she’s looked busted.

  • 2Sweet

    They do and it’s a secret to no one. I was speaking specifically about women.

  • white male

    how can she be a model with those ugly tats?

  • elvispreddie


    There is not point in speaking about just the women though is there if this is about race. Just makes you look one-sided.

  • educated


  • Still Waters...

    @ educated- You need to go back to school… It appears HOME SCHOOL did not work for yah. I person that refuses to date within their race is just an example of SELF HATE… Period! Have you heard eva of psychology…? Ohhhh I get it… Your handle was a joke…lolololololol

  • 2Sweet

    I wasn’t putting her down BECAUSE of her skin tone! I was just speaking the truth! We’re all black & beautiful at the end of each day….

  • 2Sweet

    And what does 2010 have to do with ANYTHING? As long as there are people of different colors roaming this earth, the color/race issues will persist. Carry on.

  • 2Sweet

    @Elivs—there were no black men in this picture, so they have no relevance in this thread IMO.

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