Breaking News: Gilbert Arenas Charged for Carrying a Pistol without a License

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like your boy “Agent Zero” has a nice felony charge under his belt now. The Washington Post is reporting that Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is charged with carrying a pistol without a license outside home or business, a felony.


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  • THa roc best


  • Gimmeabreak 78

    I know it’s just January, but so far, I have him in the lead for the Idiot of the Year Award.

  • sexynessa

    1st he is so stupid all that money down the drain.

  • THa roc best

    damn he going to lose all that money.

  • white male

    maybe Mike Vick can tell you what to do after losing 100 million


    He won’t be the last. TAAAARUST and Believe.

  • sexynessa

    oh well 3rd

  • 2Sweet

    It happens.

  • Please

    Oh this is just the begining. Not only will he get charged. Hes going to jail and he will lose that 111 million dollar contract.

    When I heard this dummy crapped in a teammates shoe for a prank. I know he wasnt all there mentally.

    The NBA and NFL are the ones responsible. They are the reason lil kids look up the athletes with no morals more than they do doctors or teachers.

  • Black Woman


    That wasn’t very smart to bring a gun to the workplace.

    Such a shame, these folks. Make so much money and still continue with the shenanigans!

    If that was me, I would be too busy on vacation or at the spa to cause any kind of trouble!

  • Gimmeabreak 78

    @4 REAL

    Black folks are losing their jobs left and right in this recession and this idiot with an EXCELLENT job decides to bring a gun to work and you’re acting like the NBA and the police are the ones out of pocket????


  • 2Sweet

    Preach. People need to realize that PRISON is a BUSINESS, and black men are targeted more than anybody! They WANT y’all to f*ck up so that they can put food on their tables! Stop doing things that will make you vulnerable to the wrong side of the law!

  • 4 REAL

    @ Gimmeabreak 78

    I’m not ACTING like anything and I didn’t say a rule wasn’t broken. If you don’t think any of the admonishments I mentioned apply to this story…you’re missing my point.

  • Gimmeabreak 78

    @4 REAL

    What is your point, then? Gilbert Arenas is not allowed to make this mistake, but Steve Nash would have? I’m not being funny, I’m really trying to understand.

    It just seems like your comments would have been more appropriate in a thread where a brother was treated unjustly somehow, but the Arenas situation isn’t the case.

  • white male

    Gilbert plead guilty to misdemeanor gun possession in 2004 so this will probably make it worse.

  • Brotherman



    thats what his ibtch arse get!

  • whataworld08

    I can’t muster up anything in my Black Panther thoughts.He truly messed up.(Stomps Feet)Dumb Nicca/Wake Up Nicca moment.Lord,can you bless these athletes with common sense!

  • 4 REAL

    @ Gimmeabreak 78

    “YOUUUUUU must think and re-think everything BEFORE you do it.”

  • Chocolate Honey

    All that Money & No Common Sense.

    How many Rich Bros (Rappers Sports Figures) Must this Dumb ish happen too?

    Wake up Wake up Wake up

  • hey now

    another black man losing a good as.s job!

  • asian guy

    @Gimmeabreak 78

    Just had to say you are very attractive:)

  • redbonekillbill

    SMDH head at this stupidity, better yet this f*ckery! All of this over $500 dollars. Okay yes there’s the principle, but if he has to give back an $111 contract over $500 dollars and some principle… that’s just beyond dumb. Highly disgusted.

  • 4 REAL

    And YOU are so busy pretending to be me, that you totally miss my point. I guess it’s that whole “Imitation/Flattery” thing, but whatever. Good luck.

  • tiray



    Those who WILL NOT SEE,will never WANT to hear you,thus your well meaning will fall on deaf ears! WHAT A SHAME..

    MORAL: The more educated we become(blacks)..the more we naive we become!



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