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Here we go again… Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian’s are they or aren’t they back together Olympics have commenced yet again, thanks to reports this weekend that Kardashian had given her serial sneaky linking significant other yet another opportunity to publicly embarrass her.

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Social media started going crazy with judgments after InTouch Weekly reported that sources close to Khloé and Tristan had revealed to the outlet that the pair had reconciled.

“It may not be the most ideal situation because of her trust issues, but she’s desperate to make it work and he’s once again promised to do better,” one insider reveals. “Khloé wants Tristan in True’s life and she’s still holding out hope for that second child. They are far from over.”

“Khloé is going around saying that her and Tristan are just friendly coparents because she’s too scared to admit to her family that she has taken him back.”

A second source adds, “He also promised Khloé that things will be different this time around and that he signed with the Sacramento Kings to be closer to her and True, and be a proper family and she believes him.

Those insider quotes were picked up by multiple outlets, including the UK Mirror whose report further riled up public disapproval to such an extent that Khloé actually responded!

After one Twitter user commented on the story saying, “At this point @khloekardashian has no self worth. Anyway…” Kardashian lashed out, replying:

You’re telling me you made an assessment about my life because of a random blog? I think that says more about you than it does about me.

Eek! Khloé definitely might want to mute her notifications for a few days.

Tristan also appeared to address the rumors with multiple tweets aimed at gossiping:

“Gossipers are worse than thieves because they attempt to steal another person’s dignity, honor, credibility, and reputation which are difficult to restore,” one message read.

A second message read: “So remember this: when your feet slip, you can restore your balance. When your tongue slips, you cannot recover your words. Act accordingly.”

Sorry, we know these tweets weren’t meant to be funny but is this man who is a self admitted cheater and liar really on Twitter trying to lecture people about truth and respectability? Can’t be serious.

His social media self-defense didn’t stop there. He also posted a photo on Instagram which he captioned:

Some people will judge you for changing. Some people will celebrate you for growing. Choose your circle wisely 🙏🏾💪🏾🙏🏾

Thompson got an unexpected petty assist from Khloé’s big sis Kim, who coyly commented, “Jamaican Canadian Prophet” in response!

We are dying. Is this man supposed to be Deepak Chopra now or Confucius?

In the meantime — Khloé and Tristan’s friends — or PR teams — you decide — have been busy putting the reconciliation rumors to bed.

Page Six reported that the pair are just friendly co-parents:

“They have a healthy co-parenting relationship—and they will be seen together with True,” our source shared. “Not the first time, nor will it be the last. They are on the same page when it comes to their daughter.”

“The truth isn’t very newsworthy or exciting, but that is the truth,” the insider added.

E! issued a similar report as well, citing the relationship as one where they will continue to be friendly as they co-parent their toddler daughter True, but their sources were a little spicier, adding some speculation that Khloé isn’t completely hardened against her ex.

“They are telling people they aren’t back together, but have been hanging out pretty often with True,” a source close to Khloe shared. “She wants him around and they talk every day. Khloe has forgiven him for what he’s done and would rather just be on good terms with him.”

The insider notes that Khloe “will always have feelings towards Tristan” and “wishes these weren’t the circumstances.”

At the end of the day, Khloé girl, it’s your c***hie — do with it what you will. If you wanna play those games with your PH balance, who are we to judge you? After all we all have a friend who still lets her sorry, lying, cheating baby daddy back in the bedroom all the time. That’s your business girl. We gonna tell you just like we tell her — stay strong girl, stay strong.


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