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Bravo’s housewives are known for being shade assassins and some fans think a scalp sizzling moment elevated a Potomac wife into the upper echelon of readers.

On Sunday, #RHOP viewers finally saw the highly anticipated moment when Dr. Wendy Osefo obliterated Gizelle Bryant for consistently repeating a rumor that Wendy’s hubby was cheating.

Wendy Osefo Vs. Gizelle Bryant

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

Wendy was made privy to her “friend’s” actions by fellow housewife Ashley Darby who stirred the pot during a cast trip to Williamsburg, grabbed a lunchbox full of breast milk, and saw herself out.

Wendy did not take kindly to the bone that Ashley carried and she immediately took offense.

Ashley: “Gizelle told me how there is this fabricated article about Eddie or whatever, having an affair or something. This has been discussed, if that’s one of the reasons why you are stepping into being more like sexual, why you and Eddie are more free, because you’re showing people there obviously is no truth to that.”

Wendy: “We’re not talking about it because that’s a lie, thank you so much for trying to find this opportunity to try to attack my marriage.”

Ashley: “Why is this where you’re choosing to go? Why are you getting so defensive?”

Wendy then wondered why Gizelle didn’t address her directly and decided to face off with the “spawn of the devil” Gizelle herself.


After warning the entire group not to “attack her husband”, she ripped into Gizelle while the housewife tried to explain that she “didn’t believe that the rumor was true.” With that, class was officially in session for the Johns Hopkins Professor and a read ensued. 

“I’m looking at you because it was you having the conversation with Ashley,” Wendy said, “Instead of you coming to me as a woman, you decide to talk to Ashley, and so I’m putting your a– on notice. Because what you’re not going to do, let’s be very clear, is you’re not going to play with my husband’s name. Don’t f— with my family. I’m saying, it to you kindly.”

Let me be very clear, f*** these motherf***ing cameras,” said Wendy. “I’m telling you very clearly, when you talk about my husband, you talk about me. It’s not about it being true, it’s about you not having any dignity to say ‘I’m gonna come to you as a woman to have the conversation,'” Wendy stated. “Don’t get yo a** whooped!”


“But she doesn’t understand the parameters regarding people’s husbands because she doesn’t have a relationship that holds water. I see you for everything everybody ever said that you were. What’s so funny, the life you’re living now, is exactly God paying you back for all the bulls*** you’ve done. So live in your motherf*** truth because God is paying your a** back. That’s real s***. You want to fire shots baby girl I got the motherf***ing, bazooka. I will drag you up and down the street over my husband, don’t play with me!”


Robyn Dixon also caught some shade from the peeved Professor who told her to “f*** herself” and “stop trying to have a moment” when she asked what the rumor was that had Wendy so riled up.

“Don’t worry the messengers are gonna tell you, go eat a cracker,” she added to Robyn who’d just downed whiskey during a tasting.

That wasn’t it, however, after dubbing her Gizelle “lacks” Bryant who “lacks empathy and a man” in a confessional, Dr. Wendy had more shade up her sleeve. Her target this time wasn’t just Gizelle, it was Gizelle’s ex-husband, Jamal Bryant, as well.

“I knew you and Jamal before I came on this f***ing show. We’re not talking about blogs anymore baby girl,” Wendy said. “Imagine being with a man that constantly cheats on you all the time and sleeps around all of Baltimore, and everyone knows that but you continuously be with this person and think he’s worthy enough to bring him around your daughter, like you know how low of a self esteem you have to have? You see the difference?! Tread lightly.”

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According to some fans, Dr. Wendy’s “God’s payback” pummeling ranks on the same level as Phaedra Parks who gave us that “Now, check that!” #RHOAReunion read.

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - Season 18

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Was Wendy’s Gizelle read really up there on Phaedra Parks’ level??? Here’s Phaedra’s infamous #RHOAReunion moment for comparison. (2:00 minute mark)



What do YOU think??? Legendary #RHOA producer Carlos King was quite impressed.




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