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Mel B was spotted practically inhaling her lunch at the Grove. It was one big family outing with hubby Stephen Belafonte, and daughters Angel Iris and Phoenix Chi. More family fun just below.

A tad more for ya on the other side.

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  • Erm, what the HELLY? (I got cramps today..blahs)

    Foist! *snicker* why is Mel B eating news?

  • Afiya

    You know…for some reason…I don’t like this chick…I don’t know what it is…but she annoys me every time I see her…

  • michelle

    what’s going on with the older girl’s hair??

  • Erm, what the HELLY? (I got cramps today..blahs)

    her hair look a hot mess…like her mama’s used to. smh @ Mel B eating bein news…why lawd why?

  • rosemarybaby

    i mean she is the consumate jump-off correct she is more famous for being Eddie murphy baby momma than her pathetic singing ….. i am going to add her to my how to bag a baller by kim porter and kimora simmons

  • PhillySTUD

    WHO CARES…Move on to more exciting news..cuz this aint it.

  • apple

    I was surprised to read her blog on “Casualseek.Com.” I don’t understand why she write blog on a dating site for casual encounter. Does she feel lonely and want to date with someone?

  • I'm Just Me

    CUTE KIDS!! Really cute

  • glok9n


  • lil latte

    I have been waiting for a really time time to see a picture of her other daughter

  • Aunt Viv

    Is it me, or is Mel B becoming overexposed?

  • HollaBack

    It’s amazing how cute that little one is considering her biological Daddy ain’t cute at ALL, inside OR out.. I say good for Mel B for moving on and her K-Fraud for stepping up to the Daddy role..

  • Insatiable_qt

    Man when I read daughters…I was puzzled…like daughterS…I am so used to seeing only Angel Iris…I forgot she had another child…cute kids tho…

  • Ce Ce the baddest

    I think it’s great how wer husband steps in. He seems to be a great step dad.

  • Ce Ce the baddest

    Correction: her husband

  • Lauren

    Its ashame that it doesn’t kill Eddie that his own flesh and blood is being fathered by another man.

    Her daughter Phoenix is adorable!

  • kaybaybay

    She looks good. Eddie Murphy makes me sick he wants nothing to do with his own child. I wonder if he feels anything watching another man be a better father to his child. bastard.

  • Chaka

    Her children are too cute…

  • Pretty Princess

    That is not Phoenix sitting at the table with the bangs. Phoenix is in the picture where Mel B is walking and Phoenix’s head is sticking out. She has all the big, curly hair.

    Sometimes I think little Iris is adorable and sometimes I say “Look at her little outfit, Bless her Heart”

    Mel B- BODY Is BANGING. Better than Beyonce, Kim Kardashian IMO

  • Afiya

    Does this chick know where a salon is to get her children’s head done…they both look a mess about the head!

  • WhatsYoursIsMine

    Is she eating a salad? Because there’s no ladylike way to eat a salad.

  • Sara

    Does hubby not have a job? He’s always with her. I thought he was a movie producer or something like that. Something’s not right about him.


    YOU RIGHT HANNIBAL (for once)… b/c damn i’m super hungry right now

  • MS K

    If Kim Kardashian can be famous for having sex on a video and having a large ass for a non Africa American girl, then Mel do ya thang!!!!!Hell she is more significant than alot these females thats being exposed.

  • MS K

    @ GLOK9N


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