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There’s enough dustiness in this story to affect airplane visibility.

Candace Owens Kimberly Klacik

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Conservative cohorts Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik are currently involved in some not-so-friendly fire over salacious claims and allegedly unfounded rumors. Let’s dive deeper into the ashy abyss, shall we?!

According to the Baltimore Sun, Klacik, a failed Republican congressional candidate in Maryland, has filed a lawsuit against her sister-in-slimy-conservatism after Owens took to Instagram claiming that Klacik had committed campaign fraud, used drugs, and was both a “madame” and dancer at a strip club owned by her husband. Lots to unpack there. The suit states that Klacik lost a book deal and numerous fundraising opportunities after Owens’ 44-minute IG live session that tanked her reputation with a “nationally recognized vendor”.

In the video, Owens says she is “not an investigative journalist,” and “could not confirm” any of the criminal allegations she makes against Klacik. But she went on to accuse Klacik of “money laundering, tax fraud and campaign fraud,” as well as paying vendors to “move money off the books” and working to recruit strippers for a strip club Owens says Klacik’s husband owns, according to the lawsuit.

If you have no idea who Kimberly Klacik is that’s totally understandable. The only context for potentially recognizing her might be the viral video that circulated during the 2020 election in which Klacik walked the streets of Baltimore showing off abandoned houses and telling Black folks that Republicans are the answer to solving the ills of the community. Gotta wonder do Black conservatives really hear themselves when they say that a party full of old white men is the answer to Black peoples’ problems.

Ultimately, we just feel bad for whoever has to pick up all the feathers after this chicken fight.



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