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Summer Walker is upset over Instagram’s guidelines when it comes to vaccinations and other health information, so she’s considering creating her own app.

Summer Walker Performs At The Electric Brixton

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It’s no secret that Summer Walker isn’t a fan of the COVID-19 vaccine….or any trusted scientific or medical information. Now, she’s so over all of the efforts to get the public vaccinated on social media that she’s considering starting her own app.

In a now-deleted post, the singer mentioned her grievances over Instagram’s guidelines, claiming that her recommendation of things like  “sleep, water, vegetables, exercise, meditation, fasting & yoga” is against their rules (it’s not), while an “experimental jab” is fine.

“I’m bout to look into creating a app similar cause this IG s**t going to hell,” she wrote in the post before continuing in her caption, “idk if I even wanna drop my Galactawhore merch on here….. lol it might go against they “‘guidelines.’”

“I’m done w this app, and really this whole plandemic agenda,” she continued. “It goes against guidelines to say sleep, water, vegetables, exercise, meditation, fasting & yoga is extremely beneficial to your health but an experimental jab is completely fine to recommend.”

Walker appears to be upset after her directly violation of Instagram’s guidelines by asking for vaccinated people to “stay away from her” because she did not trust what was in the vaccine. Clearly, she doesn’t seem to care that it’s now FDA approved, still calling it “experimental.”

She continued, “It’s bout to get real bad when it comes to us having basic rights. I be tryna warn everyone for so long, but no one cares. No ever listens to me cause I see s**t before others can. but this isn’t good, and I’ll leave it.”

Why some people who sing for a living think they know more than people who have been studying medicine their whole lives…we’ll never know.


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